The Way Of The Spirit; The way of this changing world!

The Way Of The Spirit; The way of this changing world!

The Nobody and the Somebody: The Christ and the<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />             Christian, Parts I and II

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The Nobody and the Somebody;  The Christ and the Christian   Parts I and II

Part I

Part II

Hello and Welcome to all.

This is Ray.  My Daughter Lisa and I make up “LeesaRayEnterprises.Com”  

In the coming days, weeks, months, years, we shall bring articles, resources, products and insights to assist you in the “trying” days to come in our changing world.  Come with an open mind, an open heart, open ears and open eyes, and I promise you information you have never found anywhere else in you lives.

This site is Revolutionary.  It is not for everyone. It will shock many of you to the very core of your being,  at least those of you who are going through life and are discovering it is not what you were led to believe it to be. 

Know this.  The reason for the present state of this confusion surrounding this changing world is that you, along with every civilized man and woman who  has ever lived, lives now, and/or shall live in the future is a CONDITIONED,  MIND CONTROLLED HUMAN BEING,  Your purpose is, and has always  been to liberate yourselves from it and live a FREE AND SOVEREIGN LIFE.  We intend to assist you to do that very thing.

If you are up to it, you will be challenged,  Your beliefs will be challenged.  The purpose of this site is to disseminate Truth.  There is nothing for you to believe in here.  Truth is all that you will meet with and your own desire to merge with such truth and leave myth, superstition, and fantasy behind. There is no intent to harm, no intent to insult, no intent to belittle, no intent to pander, just a simple straightforward unfoldment of Truth.

Let’s get started and see if you are ready to make a profound change in your life shall we?  Watch your own reactions to the comments below and you shall know if you are ready to navigate this website.

                          All Simple Men Of Truth Are Christs!

What would happen to our world if millions of blind believers in the Satanic  myth of one man who, some 2000 years ago, lived His life and Did NO HARM, DID NOT LIE, helped wherever and whenever He could and exposed the Satanic Control of Mind Controllers and Bankers of His Time?

 Why have such blind believers been trained to believe that such a life is IMPOSSIBLE for them to live that way themselves, yet must bow before,  defer to an idea and worship the “graven Image” of one such isolated  man as a god, to emulate but never hope to attain such status in their lifetime?  Is not such satanic control a formula for engendering failure, for creating  slavery to authority?

 Why do millions live in Self-Doubt, are victim-minded, and live in a state  of dualistic confusion giving up their Sovereignty, their Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, because Fear habitually grips their mind?

 What would happen if they retained their full compliment of wealth due to the fruits of their Labor and are freely dispensed as they have an unrestricted right to spend their rightful property as they see fit?

 What if they came to the full understanding that they are the true co-creators of their lives due to their new-found clarity, their freedom, and the wisdom which exists when Intellectualism is their servant and not their master?

 What I have just communicated to all is the Christ State of Consciousness, the Consciousness of Divine Awareness, an holistic, untrammeled, nondualistic essence of consciousness beyond the limitations and Restrictions of Intellectual divisive and opposing, Satanic thought.

 Call it God’s Law, Call it Natural Law. It is the essence of that State of Consciousness I have spoken of in  my 18 year contribution to the plight of Civilized Men and Women.

 If you think it is impossible,  I am doing it. What one man can do, ALL MEN CAN DO.


The purpose of life is to face these unseen forces which control your mind and dissolve them through understanding and action.

Once Divine Awareness, insight disintegrates the illusions of the dualistic, opposing intellect, the instrument which rules the civilized world, one transcends these conditioned illusions and consciousness is resurrected to the nondualistic state of Christ Consciousness,  the realm of Truth.  It leaves you the Master of your mind, not its slave.

Address to All Christs with Amnesia

These comments are being applied to each of you.

You, each of you are potential Christs, but you suffer from Amnesia.
All Civilized men have been subject to Mind Control since the beginning
of time. Each of you have been conned, swindled, manipulated and exploited
 by forces you cannot see and most are not even aware of.

This spiritual malady rules the consciousness of most men and women, from cradle to grave,  never understanding the experiences of their lives.

  So the question arises, what is all this going to cost you.  The answer in NOTHING but your own sense of value in the information received and shared.  Pay it forward to others who are equally searching for Truth and Clarity in their lives and visit our sponsors if they offer products and services that you may be looking for.

  That is the way of a new life of cooperation and not competition. 

   Enjoy and Experience a new way of living in Freedom and Clarity.


A Simple Christ You Tube Video

 Sit Down, Get Comfortable, Relax, and Listen while a Christ Speaks.

 A lesson that you all know, but have set aside because of your noisy satanically conditioned Intellect which has made your life a Hell on Earth.

 I assure you, at the end of this video, you shall either be extremely angry and beside yourself in guilt, or you will experience the peace of Liberating

Truth that stops satanic conditioning in its tracks.

The Solution to Living Under Tyranny in America.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

To be Free and return to one’s God Given Gift of Sovereignty is a simple matter, but one which requires action and not merely idle thought or talk. No one has to organize into large groups in order to accomplish this, for it is within oneself where liberation from tyranny is found.

To break the satanic conditioning that has enslaved you through mind control, one need only realize that you have been trained from birth to live a lie. The system of which mankind has been conditioned to serve and obey is a fiction, one which is based in thought. Such thoughts have no power over anyone unless they cannot see the simplicity of obedience to thought creates their prison cell of Intellect and choose not to act upon such fictions.

The one and only realization that one need heed is “DO NO HARM.” Such realization extends to “DO NOT HARM” to another, or another’s property. That is God’s Law, the Law of Truth. Do that and all satanic interpretations which have morphed from such a simple realization and exist only in man’s law, satanic law, the Law of Mammon fall away as so much baseless, hellish illusion.

As I say, what I have just communicated to you is the essence of God’s Law, Spiritual law, the law upon which all perverted man’s law is based. Live according to the “Do No Harm” Law that is based in Supreme Intelligence of Truth, God’s Law, and one is INSTANTLY ABOVE THE PERVERTED LAW OF SATANICALLY RULED MAN. YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY ALLEGIANCE TO FOLLOW IT OR BE SUBJECT TO IT. .

Damned near all of you who read this are going to bolt at such simplicity, for you have been confused and mislead all of your lives through living the Satanic Lie you called Civilization and adhering to its principles based on coerced, outer directed, mind control conditioning.

The antidote to such a Hell-Bound existence, such lie, a contradiction in essence found in the satanic ruled dualistic Intellect is God Itself.

Forget the letter of the word “God” and merge with the spirit of the word “God” and you will find that another word emerges. It is TRUTH. Did not one other Christ, another simple man of Truth say some 2000 years ago that He was the “Truth, Life and the Way”? He had just revealed what God was, but who understood it then, and who understands it NOW!

For one, I DO! I live by such simplicity, and I AM FREE. But that doesn’t help you, does it?

The internet is replete with the evidence of my Freedom, Peace, and protection despite the harm attempted upon me by Satanic ruled individuals of Government, Religion, and Secular power bases. But that doesn’t apply to you unless you understand the essence of my words at the core of your being.

We have established DO NO HARM as the Basis for Freedom. Next, from this moment forward until your moment of death, whenever that may come, DO NOT TELL ANOTHER LIE PERIOD. What happens when one speaks only Truth in a World of Deception? ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, DOES IT NOT? You’ll see it evidence daily in my Internet writings on my Websites and Links, and Google Archives.

To be holistic (holy) in an Unholy (partial, fragmented, confused State of dualistic ruled Intellect) ruled world is to be in resonance with, and at-one with Living, nondualistic TRUTH, God Itself. One can easily see that such entity, that is, you and me,if you also abide in Truth are well beyond the reach of Lesser, fictional, dualistic, partially grasping, power-seeking, Satanically ruled, dead entities.

Having layed the foundation of DO NO HARM, AND DO NOT LIE, lets get on with the practical applications which will free you in this lifetime.

Stand with Integrity and STATE YOUR GOD-GIVEN GIFT OF SOVEREIGNTY. Alone if necessary. Do not get into the satanic trap of “Strength in Numbers Organization, for such folly is based in Satanic illusion. Legions of Satanic followers can not stand up to one simple man or woman of Truth.

1. Rescind your 14th Amendment Status as a Slave to the Corporate UNITED STATES.

2. Rescind your membership to all state and local corporations which masquerade as government and have bound you to your membership to the corporation through your own misguided consent, and/or consent of mother who unknowingly sold you out through Birth Certification. (all contracts which are not based in full disclosure of all the terms at the time of consent are NULL AND VOID, and therefore are but frivolous fictions.) Do that, take full responsibility for yourself, and you have you freed yourself to all corporate rules, regulations, and policies of the corporation WHICH YOU BELIEVE TO BE LAW, BUT ARE NOT! Such rules fictionally called laws will still exist and apply to its consenting membership, BUT THEY WILL NOT APPLY TO YOU.

Do that and ARM YOURSELVES against the ultimate test of your DECISION TO BE FREE AND SOVEREIGN. For each and every one of you have the God-Given UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF PROPERTY (HAPPINESS). In other words, ACT IN SELF-DEFENSE or in the defense of others who are unable to protect themselves.

DO THAT and there will BE NO NEED for a New World Order, for the Intelligence of Divine Intelligence shall resume it proper place in a world gone mad through it satanic Intellectual influences.

“No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ


Who Is The Real AntiChrist?

Lloyd Robeau wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote

lr: obama is the anti-Christ

rk: Obama is merely a man whom ignorant Americans have given power to, through their satanically manipulated consent. They call themselves Voters, yet in fact they are merely mind controlled slaves of those see themselves as masters over masses of prideful IGNORAMUSES.

rk: The real AntiChrist is each of you who are IGNORANT of your true state of Consciousness, that of Divine energy which eternally resonates in the simple state of Truth, but is OVERWHELMED by illusion fashioned by Satanic Mind Control. Is not your Satanic Consciousness that which is OPPOSITE of Truth.? Does that not make you all the ANTICHRIST?

rk: .. Hell, Isn’t It?

“No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ


 Re: Who Is The Real AntiChrist?

Lloyd Robeau wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

Note: This is a Followup to the statement made by another: “obama is the anti-Christ”

lr: is he not evil though ?

rk: Lloyd, your answer is all TOO SIMPLE, so much so, that it has been missed by Billions and Billions of Satanically Mind Controlled Civilized people who have lived on this Earth, since the beginning of time.

rk: You see Lloyd the answer to that question lies beyond the limitations of a Satanically Ruled, Mind Controlled Intellect which cannot go beyond its limitations of Conditioned Ignorance. The Intellect is the instrument bound to Dualistic energy, that which divides and creates opposition based in all ideation.

rk: The secret is found in your own word “Evil.” When looked at the word backward, the word which emerges is “LIVE.”

rk: Is not the opposite of the meaning of the word “live” that which is “Dead?”

rk: A Christ is a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, One who has Transcended the dead, fictional, aftermoment based conditioned Intellect, the Instrument used to navigate through life by the “Living Dead,” the Civilized man. The average man is a dead entity, ruled by such dead illusory concepts and beliefs. The fictional character “DATA” in the mind controlling TV Series, STAR TREK, personifies such a robotic, responding, dead entity which has been programmed to appear to be intelligent.

rk: A Civilized man is an IGNORANT MAN. One of Limited Consciousness, ruled by illusions of fear and uncertainty. Such a societally cultured man or woman , have sold their souls, their wholeness of Being, for the illusion of SECURITY.

rk: You may note the response to the energy of this Christ, this LIVING MAN, to all who read my words on the Internet. Largely, it is a STONEWALL OF SILENCE by the LIVING DEAD. It is INTERSPERSED with attacks, and arguments by Satanic driven DISINFORMATION AGENTS, seeking to divert or destroy the holistic energy of Truth communicated to sleeping sheeple, in an attempt to continue the SATANIC trances, which enslaves them.

rk: What makes such living dead entities angry? Is it not the ENERGY that lies beyond their grasp, their understanding, that they realize they cannot DO A DAMNED THING ABOUT, as it exposes their ignorance, their conditioned limitations?

rk: There IS NO SAVIOR who will come and rescue you. A Christ, a simple Man of Truth can only point the way to you, but you must be the one to SAVE YOURSELVES.

rk: Jesus of Nazareth, a Christ who lived some 2000 years ago, tried to awaken the Living Dead of His time, and FAILED. The satanistic Elites of His time put Him to death, then created a myth about the man they killed. That Myth is Christianity today.

rk: I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a Modern Day, Living Christ, am doing what Jesus failed to do. WAKE THE LIVING DEAD OUT OF THEIR SATANICALLY IMPOSED, HYPNOTIC SPELL.

rk: To you Lloyd, and all others reading this, all I can say is that IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.

“No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ


 “Casting Pearls Before the Swine”

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

“Casting Pearls Before the Swine”. Not a pretty picture or Characterization of Civilized Man in the world today, is it not?

No one wants to see, hear or think of themselves as such, do they?

Yet that statement was delivered by another Christ some two thousand years ago, and one has to ask themselves, What has Changed?

Truth has a devastating effect upon illusions which enslave all who are subject and bound to the illusions of the Intellect. The “Living Dead” are still those who can be characterized as the “Blind leading the Blind.”

How can BILLIONS (that’s right, with a “B”) controlled entranced civilized AUTOMATONS regardless of where they live throughout the world, and irrespective of what belief system they adhere to, break free from the hypnotic spell which makes them so unaware while they bask in ignorance as they pridefully consider themselves to be so Intelligent?

How can Hell on Earth, replete with satanic thought-based divisions and opposition responsible for the rape, pillaging and plundering of other countries natural resources and assets through organized campaigns of war, which authorize and employ Corporate mass murder and the systematic enslavement of Otherwise Sovereign men and women, both home and abroad through justifying its theft of the production of mans wealth via taxes, tithing and outright theft and mass murder be allowed to continue?

A Living Christ, that is not some mythical figure drummed into your consciousness through a lifetime of Intellectual manipulation, but merely a “Simple Man of Truth” is amongst you and has shown you the way to freedom, to love, to peace on earth.

Do you think that is an idle statement? I assure you IT IS NOT!

Put it to the test for yourself. Read all you can on my daughter’s and my Websites at and with its many links to a voluminous body of evidence of the combined efforts of organized government, religion and media, in their efforts to destroy the truth that ALL MEN AND WOMEN are CHRISTS, but they suffer from amnesia of their True Spiritual Estate in life because they have been made to doubt themselves through mind Control. See for yourselves, the length and breadth of their all-out, but failed satanic campaigns to destroy the credibility of this messenger of Spiritual Truth and to stop him at all costs even to the point of imprisonment, WHICH ALSO FAILED.

Jesus of Nazareth had a public life of 3 years, and committed NOTHING to writing. I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, this simple man of Truth, this Christ has had a public life of 18 years on the internet with a worldwide audience and I have Committed EVERYTHING in writing. Nothing mythical about it. Just plain Truth.

Then ask yourselves, If you and the remainder of Civilized Society could stand up to, and prevail over the combined efforts of these worldly satanic ruled organizations as I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© have, what would this world be like?

Would it not be a Paradise on Earth rather than a Hell on Earth?

“No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ


Raymond Karczewski

Raymond Karczewski   YOU TUBE VIDEO
Its time for a return to Our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not promote MARTIAL LAW of a New World Order. May all Sheriffs throughout our Country, Re-evaluate their Oath of Office and determine why they are in Office and Who are they Serving, The Corporation or the Sovereign People. A Message from a Retired Police Sergeant who never forgot WHO and WHAT he was there to SERVE.


I should like to share with you two of my videos. (See above Banner)   “The Nobody and the Somebody:  The Christ and the Christian”  Part I and Part II

They are, I perceive, the most important videos of the more than 100 I have shared with all on “You Tube” video.  As you will see, they do not run in sync with this changing world, and many of you will rail against it as it runs counter to the conditioning you have received at the hand of those who control societies, those who control lives.  Listen quietly, let the spirit within you filter the energy, the resonance of Truth contained in the vibratory essence of the sound,  For it is the holistic spirit of Truth which speaks to  you, Not Raymond Karczewski

On the right sidebar of this page you will see many articles and dialogues added to frequently concerning the Spiritual and Political forces at work to enslave your mind through Institutionally based Mind Control.  You will not find such Insightful articles elsewhere on the Internet. 

So buckle in.  Come back Often.  Feast on the Spirit of Truth, enjoy articles which shall enliven you, return purpose to your lives,  and for all of our sakes, SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS.

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The time for change is NOW,  If not now, WHEN?

“Read From Cop to Christ in one lifetime–The Story of Ray”

Ray Karczewski  and Lisa Heathman

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The Christ and the Sheriff: Affidavit of Immunity

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To Live Civilized is to Live a Lie

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