BALANCE, BALANCE: Whose unbalanced, A Christ or the World?


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Scott Andrews wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

sa: > Well thats just it, I am looking at the manner of your writing, and sense an imbalance. Not looking for truths out of anyone here, there is no need for me to find that which doesn’t need to be found.

rk: Scott, the perception of imbalance is your own projected assessment. You see, I don’t go mining for truth in the satanic conditioned consciousness of the profane. I merely point to the obstructions to truth that dominates their consciousness. What upsets people the most is that they cannot defend the illusions from which they hide behind.

sa: > There is a sense of loneliness and spite in the manner of your expressions Raymond, where as with Arthur and Fiona, I sense a great hope and joy for life and for the families of this world. (Of course these are the perceptions of words, and not the Man. However the way we express ourselves is very telling)

rk: Scott, you confuse “aloneness” for “loneliness”. All Christs, simple men and women of Truth are ALONE (All One) with Truth. It cannot be shared with the profane who are herd-thinking, outer directed conditioned automatons. That is the soul of organizationally tainted sheeple expressing itself amid like minded sufferers.. They are the ones who remain in pain yet are too damned dumb to relieve themselves of such illusory burden. It is not a play on words when I say that ALL MEN ARE LIVING UNDER THE THRALL OF SATANIC CONDITIONING, ALL. A Christ is one who has understood such conditioning and Transcended it.

rk: These satanic conditioned people live in denial. When I address them, they cannot escape the piercing ray of Truth which sears away the obstructing illusions of belief, and exposes them for what they Truly are. If my comments were not true, why would anyone be disturbed by them?

sa: > I wish that I had a space I could invite you all, where I could feed you and nourish your energies with the beauty of creation, far away from the distractions of these hijacked thoughts so many succumb to…

rk: I probably would not attend. All such philosophizing is Satanic in Nature. Quite frankly, my message is based in the simple truth, and such simplicity is NOT UNDERSTOOD. Most of these promoted occasions you wish for amount to nothing more than competitive gamesmanship, one-upmanship, power struggles, ego enhancement and the like. I have yet to see where such occasions have not been bound by satanic rules of civility, while the cunning and the persuasive whose Positive imaged fantasies do not amount to anaestitising the painful consciousness of those who rationalize their lives away with “Coulda Woulda, Shoulda.”

sa: > We all want the same thing essentially, we just struggle with our lazy ways of word expression. The internet is such a dull form of expression, and wish we could all discuss these feelings within tribes so that we could communicate with all of our senses involved in our perceptions.

rk: I want no such thing. I HAVE IT. I have no worldly desires ruling my consciousness. To most of you, such a statement is incomprehensible. I understand who I am, and have faced 18 years of internet attack which shows that I cannot be shaken by clever wordmeisters practising their dark satanic craft of Disinformation.

rk: Yes indeed. I continue to stand alone, while waves of attackers and ignoramuses do not last very long when they seek to destroy the Truth that is the essence of my writing. You see, the profane, the satanically controlled sheeple play at the periphery and pretend they resonate at the root of spiritual understanding. There can be no peace amongst tribes of such spiritual ignoramuses. Are they not captive of their own allegiance to group satanic rule?

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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