Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue Part VII

Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual   Dialogue  Part VII

Ray;    This is the last in a series of dialogues I had with Richard Palmquist.  I thought it necessary to repost this due to the ensuing crisis which approaches our Nation and our Civilization.   In this dialogue,  like none other, the veils of Satanic hypnosis were removed and the True power of man has been revealed when facing one who remains asleep to the dimensions of consciousness which are beyond his/her ken.  Richard is a good man in civilized terms.  Of that I am quite clear.  In this series of dialogues I have attempted to show Richard, and YOU, the onlooker, the power of the Infinite and the power of the Intellect.  Our world is not DOOMED.  Only MIND CONTROLLED ZOMBIES ARE DOOMED.     Ray

Richard Palmquist wrote

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

rp:   Ray:

rp:   >  You consistently refuse to reply to issues. Rather you insist upon pointing the finger of accusation against the respondent. I came to you with a simple question. The fact that I asked the question offends you. So be it.

rp:   >”He who is persuaded against his will is of the same opinion still.”

rk:    All argumentation and debate  lies only within the realm of Satanic Intellect.   Can you not stretch your consciousness beyond such go-nowhere busywork?

rp:   >Again, I wish you well. I believe, as apparently do you that we should worship the God of Word not the Word of God – but the God of Word uses His written Word to keep us centered upon his Will and His character. You seem to reject that, so we part company on that point.

rk:   Can’t kick the BASSACKWARD habit of blind belief and wordsmithing, can you?  The solution which brings peace, freedom and Sovereignty to one who is worthy,  demands quietness, not noisy debate.  On must  die to the Intellect and be Reborn of the Spirit of Divine Intelligence to enter the Kingdom of Infinite Intelligence.

rk:    Worship neither the petty “god” of word i.e.,  Satan nor the petty words of the “god” of Intellect, Satan.   But alas, the realm of Satanic  Intellect binds all who play word games like children habituated to play in sandboxes.  Such prideful intellectual are helpless to put away the things of spiritual childhood and grow up spiritually.

rk:   Resonate with the essence of Truth, Divine Awareness, and one resonates with Infinite Intelligence, God.

rk:   Richard, you haven’t a clue of what the essence of nondualistic Truth is.  Your bailiwick is limited to bandying about the noisy and exploitable  “Idea” of Truth.  Such is the nature of Satanic bondage to conceptually ruled intellects.   Look at the questions you have asked of me. With your closed mind (masquerading as an open mind) any explanation would  continue to embroil us in a never ending, go -nowhere argument.   At best, you have learned that one never has to argue with another and still destroy their soul diminishing illusions.  I have shown you and others how in this Thread.

rk:    Look at your words.  Look at mine.  Whose are  reflective of peace, freedom and Sovereignty?  Who is still spoiling for an argument.   It is this Divine Grace which stood down the Satanic Courts of Oregon and Josephine County who sought to put Sovereign Son of God away for 35 years in prison only to kick me out of their jail with no conditions placed upon this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Son of God.

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