A Spiritual Heart to Heart between a Christ and a Clergyman.

A Spiritual Heart to Heart between a Christ and a Clergyman.

To: “Raymond Karczewski” <arkent3@earthlink.net>

Subject: Re: WHO  is a Christ? – Tom

Dear Ray,

td:  > I appreciate your comments, yet I must respond to you because we need to clear things up for other’s sake on the subject of  “who is a  CHRIST.”

rk:  By all means it is time to clear things up, once and for all. The Satanic Myth of Jesus of Nazareth has gone on far too long. When will the mind controlled “munchkins” awaken from their hypnotic (religious) trance.

td:  >   You are a  “christ”  to the world, as Israel was in the  Old Testament, obeying

rk:  Lets leave the Bible out of it.  Lets leave all prior conditioning out of this conversation, for if we do not, we shall not be in communication with one another.  The words of dead men shall overtake the conversation.  Let us speak and communicate TRUTH only to each other and to the world.  Let all who have the “eyes to see and ears to hear” grasp the Truth as best they can.
rk:   Speak to me of your understanding, not of your rote-memory renderings passed down the ages through Satanic Organized thinking.  Strip away everything you think you know and speak to me from such vast quietness.  For such unbounded awareness is the Christ State of Consciousness.

rk:   Prior to the Bible, prior to religions, prior to thought based governments, Christ Consciousness IS.

td:  >    ONE   God.   Israel was warned that there are  “other gods,”  whom they should not obey!

rk:  All such petty Satanic “gods” are thought based images, including the mythical christ worshipped by Christianity today.

rk:  Truth is God.  All else are images of Truth to varying degrees.  They are Satanic Illusions.  If the First Commandment were to be written simply and not meant to confuse and mystify, it would say “I AM TRUTH, THOU  SHALT NOT WORSHIP FALSE IMAGES OF TRUTH.

rk:    Ask yourself tom, do you know of any organized religion that does not employ such images of truth as their foundation.  It is the blind who lead the blind, that huddle in ignorance and worship graven images while the TRUTH is all around them, for them to see, if only they would open their Spiritual Eyes.

td:  >   Israel’s religion recognized a “dual God,”  that is why He “created” Evil Isa.45:7 to have a balance between the environment  of  “good and evil”  He created for us and the angelic hosts  Gen.2:9.


 rk:  Save it Tom!,  Your pulling your comments out of your Satanic Conditioning and you appear to be completely UNAWARE of it. That Tom, is the ignorance that I speak of when I address the masses. They think they know, but such petty argumentative knowledge keeps them at odds with one another, all the while the TRUTH is staring them right in the face. Men go to war.  Men die because of such Satanic Ignorance.

td:  >   This is why  Israel and all of us, humans and angels must  “choose” between  “good and evil”  and choose  “good” or “LIFE  and  GOOD   and  DEATH  and  EVIL”  Deut.30:15!

rk:  In Christ Consciousness, there is no choice.  There is balance between the opposites of duality.  It is that razors edge that is the realm of Christ Consciousness.  Who do you know. aside from this Christ who abides in such tenuous balance. (It is even impossible for you to discern what I ask of you, for such clarity, such unbounded awareness is required.  In other words it takes a Christ to UNDERSTAND another Christ.

rk;  I speak and communicate of Divine Awareness, you speak of acquired Satanic knowledge.

td:  >  Your God and my God are the same God Heb.13:8,  while the “world’s god” is the Anti-god, also known as Satan the Devil  Jn.8:44, who is the  “god of this world” 2Cor.4:4, ruling the world in place of our Creator in this first 6000 years pre-ordained for “evil.”

rk:  You compare gods, a dualistic intellectual exercize.  I compare NOTHING.  I resonate with nondualistic Truth, God, Divine Awareness.

rk:  If you truly understood me, there would be no you and no me, for we would be ONE IN UNDERSTANDING. That is the nature of Truth.  That is the nature of Love.   Open your spiritual eyes and you will see what I am saying to you.

td:  >   We know that God our Creator, is Jesus our Christ Eph.3:9.  We both know Him differently by His “revelations” to us.

rk:   I KNOW no such thing for I and Jesus are ONE with Truth.  That oneness I speak of is merely an idea that the Satanically conditioned strive for, when they already have it, were they to allow their noisy satanic intellect to lay fallow for only a moment.

td:  >   You about God to “obey” His Old Testament   “laws  of flesh”  Rom.7:25,    while I know Him by the   New Testament’s  “laws of faith”  Rom.3:27.

rk:  Your intellectual projection is duly noted.  You see Tom, you are ruled by the security of your knowledge, and cannot surrender, “Let Go, Let God.”

td:  >   As you know in the   Old Testament   there was   NO salvation, eternal life given, only promised.   In the New Testament  salvation  was given through  “death.” I also know our God  from His “mystery” administration, given to Apostle Paul Eph.3:3, by the “laws of the spirit”  Rom.8:2, which make it possible to be in the “resurrection” to eternal life   “without dying”  IThes.4:17.

rk:  Tom, with all due respect, STOP all of your infernal Satanic meanderings which have commandeered your consciousness as a religious leader, a leader bent on leading others,  and just BE QUIET.

rk:  In that simple act of ending the thought process, dying to the intellect, the Resurrection of Divine Intelligence shall emerge in your consciousness and  you shall discover the “Peace on Earth which is understood by all men of good (God) will.”

rk:    In that pristine, nondualistic moment of quiet, you may scour the earth, look hither, thither and yon, and you shall not FIND AN ENEMY.  That is the State of Love that men strive for but never attain.  That is the Love Jesus of Nazareth spoke of.  That is the Love, I speak of.

td:  >  We are  both fighting the  “lawlessness”   or   “iniquity” Mat.7:23 of   “this world”  of the Anti-god, and asking  people to   CHOOSE   God, to be “free” from the bondage, to which we were  “pre-ordained”  to be in our “first stage” of our creation process, as we go through God’s “operation” of salvation Col.2:12.

rk:  Tom, from the standpoint of Christ Consciousness, i.e., Divine Awareness, you cannot get here (Christ Consciousness)  from there, — “there” meaning dualistic Satanic conditioned thought.  What I and Jesus have spoken of is so simple, so utterly effortless, yet the masses who are condition via remote Satanic mind controllers prefer the complication of intellect with its endless strivings.  While in the intellect, there can be no LOVE, for intellect requires endless opposition, both within and without.  It is Hell, is it not?

td:  >   You, and I experience that  “God’s  ways”   are a total “foolishness” to the world ICor.2:14.  They can’t respond to God’s truth, because they lack God’s  “holy spirit”  to lift them into the fifth (5) dimension, from our third (3) dimension. ( the angels are in the invisible fourth (4) dimension ruling over humanity in this age. )

rk:  Tom, again, with all due respect, your dimensional explanations are no more than Satanic drivel.  So you have certain ideas, another has other ideas, you each hold to your own sacred ideas, and in doing so are willing to go to war over them.  War is Death.  Satan is the god of war.  Truth is the God of Life.

td:  >  It is given in this “age” or “dispensation”  Eph.1:10 that only a  “few”  to find  “the way to eternal life”  Mat.7:14.  The  “many”  of humanity will be saved in the coming “ages to come”  Eph.2:7.

rk:  That is nothing more than Satanic Priestly nonsense.  Who amongst you are capable of giving “dispensation” to another.

rk:   Hell, you’re all on your own. Do you not see that I am in your world, but not of it?   Understand that and you don’t need priests, clergy, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors.  Do you not see that such Satanic businesses along with the drug pushing pharmaceutical companies are Satan’s velvet glove to Government Iron Fist, in forging the two sided coin of Satanic power in this world.

rk:  The masses are controlled through their own consent.  They embrace, agree to allow another to keep them poor, exploited, and stupid. It is through codependence and lack of responsibility, that civilized man has “FALLEN FROM GRACE.”   Look at the world civilized man has made for himself.  It could not have been forged without the Satanic Institutions of government and religion. — All because of the irresistible urge to take a bite out of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

td:  >  God is   LOVE   IJn.4:7, and His   “love covers all  sin”  Prov.10:12,  this includes the  “SIN”  [which is the transgression of any of God’s three (3) laws IJn.3:4]   of humanity and the angelic hosts (good and evil)!

rk:  Tom, again forgive me, but your words are just words. They do not resonate with Truth, but reflect the dissonance of unfulfilled aspirations.

td:  >  God loves   ALL  of us.  This is why He “pre-ordained”  our salvation 2Tim.1:9 before the world was  created, but only a “few” are or were “pre-ordained” in this age to be saved now Mat.7:14; Acts.10:41;  Jn.6:44.

td:  >   The sacrifice of humanity is needed in God’s plan for the angel’s  salvation, as Christ’s sacrifice was needed for humanities salvation.  This is another issue.

rk:   “OUCH”!!  See how easy it is for a priest or clergyman to sanction human sacrifice.   Satanic, isn’t it?

td:   >    Yes, all Christians are  Christ  to this world, if they just believe it and act according to it.

rk:   Silly men can believe they are Christs till the cows come home. When the cows finally arrive, they just discover they are “silly men” believing and aspiring to worship graven images.

td:  >  Blessings, in the reality of Christ’s eternal love,

Tom Demeter

rk:  Tom, in this communication I have not intended else but to communicate Truth.  Pay attention to your own reactions to what your read and allow that to be your spiritual Teachers, not some silly book commissioned and written by Satanic worshipping men of power.

rk:  The pope is a politician, a Satanic one at that. The Vatican is a Satanic stronghold, for Satan rules the Hellish world based in the thought of civilized men.

rk:    Tom, I want to thank you for this opportunity to go into further depth of spiritual matters, the Satanic controllers of this world would rather be kept from the masses.  You and others will note that few ask serious questions of me which draw out serious dialogue. It is your energy which has elicited the responses which have arisen from the depths of my being, TRUTH.

rk:  My job is to awaken men from their hypnotic trance, to open their eyes to their own True Estate, that of CHRISTS WITHOUT AMNESIA.

“No other man but I in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

“Read From Cop to Christ in one lifetime–The Story of Ray”

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