Anyone who calls themselves a Christ… should preach love

Anyone who calls themselves a Christ… should preach love

Mosheh_Thezion wrote:

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

mtz: > Anyone who calls themselves a Christ… should preach love, and then evolve that love through levels where by it can BE used by the reasoning minds of the masses to overcome the satanic programmed influences and patterns of nueron connections, that chain them to the intellect.

rk: Is not the problem you expound upon your own problem? You do not understand what Love is? You do not understand what a Christ is? Oh, you have some thoughts over these things that have been conditioned into you over time, and you agree with them, disagreeing with anything that does not reinforce those Satanic conditioned thoughts.

rk: Is not the real problem that you are unaware, you do not understand that the reasoning mind, the dualistic intellect which is unable, cannot ever touch the hem of Truth is a poor substitute for spiritual sight which can see and resonate with the nondualistic essence of Truth, and no matter how much you “gussy” it up, with “fancy schmancy words, explanations, and illustrations”, you still remain blind to the truth of which you speak?

rk: I do not preach. I do not speak to the masses. I have no following, no organization. I speak to the winds. I speak to the individual now lurking in the masses who has the “eyes to see and ears to hear”, and is ready for a change in his/her life. Face it mtz, you and the other disinfo agents working this forum haven’ t a clue of what I am saying. and as long as you remain ensconced in your petty satanic intellect, YOU NEVER WILL. This response is not being written to you, for you are lost. It is written to others who might be able to see the game that Satanists have played in the control of their fellow men for millenium.

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rk: Your area of expertise is manipulation and creating conflict couched in positive, schmoozy, images desired and pleasured by the addicted masses. Is not that the bread and butter technique of the priestly, clergy class of hypocrite? Check out your parish priest who speaks to you of salvation in terms of great positive imagery on one hand while he “buggers” your kid on the other hand. It doesn’t matter that they are exposed, the sheeple are incapable of breaking loose from the hypnotic hold of the clergy and priesthood. The power of Satanic thought must not be underestimated

mtz: > Ray, has himself, inspired my mind in this area of thought, and I was compelled to stress that point.

mtz: > Rage is blind…. but when guided by love… it becomes a super weapon.

rk: Rage, Love, Weapon. Spoken like a Satanist, eh?



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