Screw your Team Effort. YOU JUST MAKE MY POINT!

Screw your Team Effort. YOU JUST MAKE MY POINT!

Arthur Cristian wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

ac: > Trauma needs to be healed sufficiently in all of us so we can continue progressing fearlessly towards our collective do no harm community/paradise on earth objective.

rk: Cut the crap Arthur, the above statement exposes you as an aspiring leader of group thought with a concentrated “collective” goal.

rk: You get no points for adopting my statements and attempting to use them for your own, if the truth of them has not been realized by you. Your face-saving overblown responses only indict you as a clever word manipulator without any direct grasp of that which you seek to promote. Hell, all you are is a gardiner. You can fake it with the sheeple but you are laid bare through your own words by the Mirror of Truth.

ac: > What we’ve been learning through direct experience over these last 8 years is staggering. The depth of trauma is so extensive that almost all of us don’t know how to live without the reaction to trauma, in one form or another, shaping the decision making which forms the outcomes of our lives from sunrise to sunrise.

rk: Arthur, you’re playing to the crowd, enticing them, seducing them to adopt your show of humility. if you are still “traumatized” by an Illusory world, you are nothing but a clever hypocrite, posturing as something you are not.

rk: THERE IS NO TRAUMA in nondualistic awareness. Trauma exists only in the Satanic dualistic Intellect. Have you not merely confessed to your own ignorance here?

ac: > The whole of “The System” is trauma based and is a man-made hell. We are not of hell yet we are so compromised by it.

rk: Arthur, If you “ARE NOT OF HELL”, how can you be COMPROMISED by it? You are playing word games here, championing a level of consciousness that you admittedly claim to be TRAUMA.

ac: > We are determined to inspire MAN out of hell so that Earth is again the living paradise it was dreamt to be. Getting MAN out of hell is a huge team effort.

rk: Arthur, if you were OUT OF HELL, you would not be “compromised” by it. How can you ‘INSPIRE” someone out of Hell, while you are still in and of it? Screw your Team Effort. YOU JUST MAKE MY POINT!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ