Christianity: The Satanic Deception which Engulfs Western Consciousness

Christianity:  The Satanic Deception which Engulfs Western Consciousness

      By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

This is a simple message that anyone can grasp.  It is a message that will upset most to the core of their very being. It is not my intention to upset nor to insult anyone possessed of strong beliefs, but to point out those beliefs to be as nothing more than hypnotic trances, outer-directed illusions imposed upon one’s intellect which create vise-like behavior pattern which spell out one’s destiny as a slave to those satanic elitists who dictate, oversee, and rule over their lives and behaviors.

All Civilized men are born free.  Spiritual clean slates, as it were, but for residual carryover thought patterns born of not fully understood prior life experience mostly forgotten in a stream of Eternal Life.

Most have forgotten their purpose of life here on Earth?  To understand who and what they truly are. They are seemingly cursed to live under the thrall of intellectual conditioning, in other words, satanic mind control,– a system of thought based images and concepts inured via pain and suffering in dualistic division and conflict. They fail to see their purpose, which is to rise above and beyond such petty consciousness, and return to their holistic, Divine state of holistic (holy) Awareness.

My purpose is not to bring forth, or perpetuate confusion and division, which already rages within most, but to heal the wounded consciousness of civilized man.

Jesus of Nazareth was my spiritual Brother.  He was no more than a simple carpenter and an itinerant preacher, even though preachers were not called preachers in that day.  What He was, is and what each of you who hear me is, but have long forgotten, merely A FREE MAN, living in a BUBBLE OF CONFUSION.

The difference which separated Him from all others of His time was that He was not a victim of Spiritual Amnesia.  He knew and was fully aware of who and what He was, a simple Man of Truth, of holistic awareness, in other words, Christ Consciousness.

He did not stuggle under the delusions of the mass conditioning of His time which made slaves out of his fellow man who had willingly “fallen from Grace,” had fallen from their rightful possession of  direct perception of Truth which is all there is but is hidden from the sight of the average, belief-ridden, satanically conditioned man or woman.

How does that happen?  It happens through the satanic medium of Doubt.  How is Truth, God itself, turned into the “idea of Truth” a satanic reflection, a “graven image of truth”, a partial, divided and warring mindset come about?  It all comes from doubt, does it not?

Who amongst you can challenge that statement?   Surely all of you can go through the motions of such challenge but it does not, nor will it ever amount to action, but mere lip service to one own conditioned beliefs.  But you, damned near all of you will sacrifice yourselves, martyr yourselves, kill each other over such petty beliefs.  You  will find yourselves engaging in endless go-nowhere argument because you will be fighting with your own parochial ideas and projecting them outwardly in all of your relationships to one degree or another.

Hence you have become the blind attempting to lead the blind, to influence others who have lost their spiritual sight, have gone blind, yet you seek to lead others through empty illusory, Satanic imposed concepts which you adhere to as Truth in your life of neverending conflict, slavery, violence and acquisition.

I have sought in this message, to not complicate unduly, the issues which has confused civilized man via his “fall from Grace” and has remained constant and deleterious to mankind since the Dawn of Civilization.  It is responsible for Hell on Earth.

What is Civilized man but a “Programmable Man”.  A body and mind which attempts to live up to and convey the Spirit which creates and sustains life.  However, it can readily be seen that it fails to do so, all because of the intellect’s inherent satanic ability to interfere with and alter one’s perception of Truth, by creating doubt, division and endless conflict, within and without, in the manifested habitual lives they lead.

Hell on Earth, is it not?

One can see in this message, just how difficult it is to communicate simplicity of Truth to another.  The message is What is, but it is soon transformed into complexity by the doubt ridden, judgmental mind receiving it.

If you think, these words emanate from a crazy man, I invite you to visit my website and its many links to determine who truly is insane.  Me or You?

I live in Peace.  I want for nothing.  I am fulfilled.  I seek no power. I require, nor want a following.  Yet I have proven that You and I possess the same spirit of Truth that cannot be assailed or controverted in any way by the mighty Satanic Institutions which enslave mankind, Government and Religion.

I have stood up to, and brought down the State of Oregon and County of Josephine in its corrupt Law Enforcement and Court System, even though they CONVICTED RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI, an unholy FICTION created by government via Birth Certification, but WERE UNABLE to carry out their Sentence, because they were unable to prove JURISDICTION over this living Spirit, this Living, Breathing,  Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man, the Son of God, who takes His place amongst the Sovereign People who created such lesser government.

Let us face it, shall we, most of you live in a fantasy world, an illusory world imposed upon you by your satanic leadership via media.  All this seems normal to you and you make no effort to remove it from your consciousness.  Its NORMAL.  Everybody’s doing it. You succumb to Peer pressure.

When dealing with a consciousness that will readily accept fantasies such as Satanism, witchcraft, ancient Witchdoctor spells and a Virgin Birth, all illusory fictions conjured up thus, via satanic thinking, while yet rejecting the simple Truth of One man, standing alone, with NO SUPPORT coming from anywhere or anyone Threatened with 35 to 40 years in prison, and yet is THROWN OUT OF JAIL, with no charges pending when such man refuses to ACCEPT their contract offer of sentencing, was not a simple truth revealed to all?  Was that Truth that nearly all sitting in jail and prisons today DO SO BY THEIR OWN CONSENT?  Is it not all done via Trickery and Deceit by our present Court System?

The simple and true fact is that the Oregon authorities will not arrest me NOW, TODAY,  for doing the very same things they arrested me for originally.

Theirs was a lesson in Spritual Defeat. Theirs is the power of satanic illusion for all to see, yet the blind still DO NOT SEE.  They huffed, they puffed, they intimidated, they sought to confuse and confound proceedings, they placed me in solitary confinement for 121 of 128 days of incarceration while awaiting trial to keep me separate from the general populace of the jail.

I countered with rejection of their sentencing, and two protest Hunger Strikes amounting to 55 days, which left me near death. When their Illusion could not overcome my Truth, THEY SET ME FREE!

Miracle NO!  Fact YES!


Whacha Gonna Do When They come for YOU!

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