A letter to Arthur and Fiona Cristian Concerning the Dissemination of Truth

A letter to Arthur and Fiona Cristian Concerning the Dissemination of Truth

Arthur and Fiona,

First of all, I have to applaud your work for it never ceases to amaze me of the energy expended by you and Fiona to communicate with millions, yet the spell which binds them to their satanic conditioning continues while they debate your words with the illusions which already control them. The result:  A lot of talk but no action.

Truth, has a different energy to it.  It is not seductive, but shocking in its effect upon the spell bound intellect.  It has the capacity to bring the momentum of illusion to a halt.  It allows for one to take a timeless look at What is, without one’s conditioning interpreting it. It stands alone, unsupported by lesser energies.  It is new, timeless, unreplicatable, it has a vitality that is imcompatable with the traditional satanic spell bound intellects of millions.

The simple fact is, that If they don’t get it, they don’t understand your words, they just don’t get it, they WILL not understand you. Their field of consciousness is not yet ready to yield the fruit of Truth in their lives.   They shall continue to sow the “gmo” seeds of satanic indoctrination which is death to them and their posterity as they reap the consequences of the illusions which grow as a result of their ignorance.  That is a fact, that is Truth.

As it is now, I perceive yours and Fiona’s energies serve little more than entertainment, a respite, a temporary relief from their current conditioned insanity.  How many of your audience have actually taken action to change their lives.

We are coming to a time in our world where Change must occur.  But what will that change be?  Will it liberate, or will it complete its total enslavement of mankind which has been occuring since Man’s Fall from Grace, the birth of the first Civilization based in Intellectual thought and has continued to the present date.

Such change will be determined by individual action.  Lives will be  liberated or destroyed.  The seeds of such outcomes already exist in the individual and its growth awaits the actions taken by individuals.

Life belongs to the action takers, never to the debilitated believers who are immersed in contradictory theories, debate and the like, for such is the satanic seduction which derails truth and fortifies illusions. It has been so and shall always be so as long as man is Intellect directed in his actions.  Mankind has lost the ability of Direct Perception, Divine Awareness, which can return this planet to a Heaven on Earth.

One only has to look at the world today with its tyrannical movement  toward a New World Order.  As each looks at it through their own eyes, they shall see their own destiny unfolding before them. They have the power to change this world, their world, if only they realize it.

I for one, have spent the last eighteen years of my life sharing Truth with others on the Internet who have shown they are not yet ready for it.  It has not been wasted effort however, for it has touched a few, but those few shall touch other exponentially.  It is effortless and life giving to all those who are ready for life and not death.

I see Arthur, that You and Fiona are following that same path.  Do not allow God’s Grace that resonates within your words to be extinguished by going beyond the level of communication and adopting the satanic veil of persuasion.

Beware of Satanic seduction.  It is subtle indeed.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ