A Letter to Stupid Amerkin.

A Letter to Stupid Amerkin.

Dear “Stupid Amerkin”

You are not Stupid at all.  You are what Americans should be. but sadly enough FAIL TO BE..  You are an actor for order and peace, not just a noisy talker, debater, argumentative sob who sits on his duff, does nothing and doesn’t even know which end is up.  Do not be dismayed by your lack of effect in dealing with deadheads as a result of your input.

What you have just described could be considered the bane of Civilised society. Masses of people conditioned to Politically Correct views have without their knowledge become  INDOCTRINATED ROBOTS. They have sold their souls to the devil for the comfort of security they experience as “taken care of” slaves.

You need it, why not save?

You need it, why not save?

They do not want to be disturbed in their induced mind controlling spell. So they hunker down and think themselves invisible in times of Tyranny. It is such fear that dominates this issue that Richard Koenig, and I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©,  some decade ago, brought to the public’s attention.

As you can see 11 years has not made a dent in the collective thick skulls of the herd-thinking Sheeple. They’re still scared and they’re still hiding.

They do not realize that by their actions they have chosen to become the LIVING DEAD. That is they are ruled by thoughts set into motion by outside, shadow dwelling satanic programmers who set public policy through force and fear and have stripped them of their humanity, their freedom, their lives.

By their inaction, these masses of mush-minded sponges shall usher in their own demise via Martial Law. Many will die because they have NEVER KNOWN LIFE and so will just capitulate to death without a whimper in their final moment.

In life they were known by their oppressors as USELESS EATERS. In that moment of their death, that problem experienced by their mind control handlers shall be solved. But life shall continues even without the presence of these millions of what can be called deceased satanic clutter and baggage.

Such is the nature of Life here on Earth and here in Oregon.


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ