America the Glorious or America the Destitute: Your Choice!

America the Glorious or America the Destitute:  Your Choice!

                             By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Re:  Success Partners Network (SPN) and Gold Plan

It is time for a change of thought.  Our American Life is disintegrating before our very eyes.  That which has provided life and sustenance is no longer viable.  It is inevitable that our economic system collapse as it is based in the debt instruments of Federal Reserve Notes.

Now gold and silver.  That is real property, substance, evidence of wealth.  Look around, read the headlines, exercize your God given intelligence and you will readily see what is going to happen with your life’s accumulated wealth.  When the economy crashes, AND IT WILL, you will be left destitute.  You do not own your federal reserve notes, therefore they can be taken from you without your consent, just as being demonstrated in the country of Cypress.

What has happened there will sweep the world goverments and find itself finally impoverishing Americans.

Is it intelligence or foolishness to rely upon worthless FRN (Federal Reservy Notes) paper money loaned out to you with interest by the banks.  Think about it.

With all due respect, the People of America and other countries in a  global economy have been swindled by the bankers through this Federal Reserve Note Scheme. They have been conditioned in school to view such self-destructive scenario as a hopeless outcome.  In otherwords, they have been conditioned to be POVERTY MINDED, SLAVES, owned and controlled by the lenders and their governments. Slaves to the illusion of wealth, which they are stripped of the true wealth gained through labor.

Is that how you want to live?  Our private gifting group can only be entered via invitation of existing members. I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© am such a member and extend an invitation for the blind to see, and the beleaguered to be made whole. You have been controlled throughout your lives by fear and distrust, leaving you an isolated entity subject only to dealing limitedly with family, friends and the like.

Suppose Americans made unwhole by their conditioned lifestyle were made whole, not be competing with one another, but by cooperating?  What if the Have’s began to share with the Have Nots?  What if gifting became the focal point of creating a new life here on earth?

Let me introduce you to our cash leverage system (Gifting Program)  and earning money at home in these coming difficult times where folks are out of work, and see dim prospects for the future.

What if you used WORTHLESS FRNs as a source of Gifting, and the recipient turned them into gold and silver.  Is not, would that not be a Revolutionary Act of Love?  Is not that a RADICALLY different way of life?

I won’t waste your time, so let me say simply we have primarily two alternative plans for you to follow via whichever direction, your innate intelligence guides you.  The two are the “Success Partners Network (SPN) Gifting Program” and the “Gold Plan.”

The quickest way for you to get started in changing your life is to click on and fill out the form showing your interest.

That would show me that you are interested in being invited.  If the gifting program is not your desire, there are plenty of online and work at home programs that can be viewed at

Once I receive your notice of interest, I will recontact you via email with further Instructions.

I will not sell you a thing.  It is those who have the “eyes to see and ears to hear” whom will sell themselves just as I have done in my life.

I personally don’t wish to deal with narrow minded and emotionally unstable slaves who are feeling sorry for themselves.  If you don’t have what it takes to change the quality of your life for yourselves and your loved ones, don’t bother to contact me.

Vote for Your Favorite

Vote for Your Favorite

Who am I?    I am just a retired  California Cop who learned there is more to life than just  working for wages.

Good Luck to you and see you on the other side.

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