Awareness = Christ Consciousness: Thought = Satanic Consciousness

Awareness = Christ Consciousness: Thought = Satanic Consciousness

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

Arthur Cristian wrote:

ac: > You claim to be a Christ, but in present-sense you are not living the life of a Christ.

rk: The old cliche is suitable here Arthur, “IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE”. You admit you are not such a Christ and by doing so, you clearly expose yourself as a talented word manipulating Intellectual who takes refuge in the prideful Satanic ploy of playing to the audience of resonating sheeple. This ploy is used by all those who seek power over other, but must humble themselves so that their sheeple audience might identify with them. That is the trick of all Pied Pipers in search of an audience of lemmings.

ac: > A Christ is what we call a fully conscious MAN setting the life of that consciousness in motion so that the presence of this consciousness (Christ) is present in present-sense. As you have said before, “The thought of God is not God”. Well, the thought of a Christ is not a Christ, either. We cannot be Christs while we are still plugged into “The System”, still supporting “The System” and especially while we are calling for a “better” system. A true Christ does not need a man-made system. At present, you do, Raymond.

rk: Arthur Cristian, you presume a great deal for one who is ignorant of the Truth, and so is caught up with your own ideas of Truth. Arthur you are an Intellectual, your writing is evidence of such. Long, laborious and explanative. I have repeatedly stated that I am “In this World, but Not of It.” I do not have to flee from it in order to be Free. The fact that I deal with the system as it is, on my terms and in doing so, it does not in any way amount to the System owning me, regarding me as their property, their slave. My experiences in Standing down the Courts of Oregon and Josephine County attest to that very fact. Since I am a Simple Christ, an Aware Man, the Satanic forces of government were not able to touch that which was beyond their intellectual grasp. I have shared that with the world for the last ll years, and the sheeple STILL DON’T GET IT.

rk: Arthur, You labor hard and long to explain, to convince, to persuade, to guide others thoughts to join you along in the pursuance of your own intellectual goals, while you argue with those who do not buy into your theories. Arthur, you are NOT A CHRIST. That much is clear. You lack the awareness of direct perception of truth, and therefore you are not equipped to say anything other than that which arises from your own conditioned ideas of a Christ. Your own fantasies, your own myth.

rk: Arthur, I am a Christ. A simple man of Truth. I do not engage in argument, I merely point out the WHAT IS which unfolds in the eternal moment of now, and let the Devil take the hindmost. My energy is that of awareness, direct perception of Truth. Yours, is that of aftermoment based, trial and error, rote-learned, memory based, Intellectual thought. That is what accounts for the schism between myself and all others, including you, whose conditioned thoughts control them. They have not yet risen above their own thoughts and are in control of them. In other words, they are not Masters of their Intellect, they are Slaves to it.

rk: Few indeed understand what Christ Consciousness is, including yourself, Nigel Beckwith, and a host of other intellectuals who love to argue over their own parochial ideas of Truth while being completely unaware of the holistic, existing Truth staring them right in the face. If they just saw it, were just aware of it, the Truth would set them free, from their illusion of Truth. I merely point to the discrepancy in awareness, and their own thoughts take over in manifesting and projecting the existing confusion which lies within their unclear Intellectual Consciousness.

rk: However, who is able to see it. The Blind, and the Living Dead? Hardly!

rk: You see, Christ Consciousness is nothing more that Direct Perception of Truth, Insight, Divine Awareness. It resides within all, but few find their foundation in such awareness. Everyone has experienced Awareness sometime in their lives, so it does not require any definition by me. Such definitions are the Satanic Trap that seduces and binds intellects to satanic mind control.

rk: Oh, We must use thought to communicate with each other, but it is when one uses thought to communicate Truth that Truth can be resonated with. When thought of Truth is dominant in consciousness, One is spiritually lost to Satanic Intellectualism. Such thought based satanic minions argue because they are NOT WHOLE, THEREFORE NOT AWARE, in otherwords they are spiritually blind. Being blind, they must compensate for their lack of direct Awareness of Truth, by flying blind through the instrument panel of Intellectualism.

rk: Arthur, I did not read your entire article for its energy gave itself away early on. Continuing would be a waste of Time, for it is the energy behind the words that is important, not the empty symbolism of the letter of the word.

rk: Arthur, YOu tend to use such heavyhanded lengthy, explanatory tactics to OVERWHELM readers who, after being exposed to your overwhelming lengthy explanations, they throw up their hands and agree with your thought rather than do their own work. Face it Arthur, your still playing the leader and the led game, and you want the top spot.  That is the power Struggle that I have brought to your attention on several occasions only to tick you off.

rk: You’ll find none of that in my writing. I merely Mirror that which stands before the Mirror of Truth, and let the Devil Take the Hindmost.

rk: Arthur, Nigel, you will either see what I aay is True or you won’t. It does not matter to me which path you decide to take. The true teaching arises not from seduction and stroking, and nurturing fragile egos, but by the hard knocks and lumps one takes when choosing the Intellectual Path.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ