Christ: Man or Myth ?!!

Christ: Man or Myth ?!!

By Raymond Karczewski
Millions upon millions of persons now living on earth profess to be Christians.

They worship, they believe the object of their worship to be the “only Son of God,” their Lord and Saviour — their Messiah.

But what do these believers *truely* understand? That is, what is it that they are able to directly grasp of that *Conceptual mindset* of Christ which rules their parochial lives from birth to death?

What about the countless millions of other “blind” believers who worship conceptual “non-Christian” images — those which are the foundation of other major world religious movements? The object of worship may be different, but is the essence of power and influence transferred from the multitudes into the hands of the few any different? How can billions over the ages be controlled by the few since the dawn of civilization?

What is it that ALL major organized religions share at their leadership levels, a level which has allowed the Witchdoctor to share power with the Warrior — the Pharissee to stand equally with the Politician in exerting influence and power over the ignorant masses? How have they been able to achieve such an intractable hold over the foundation of a “civilized” human being’s “thinking process”?

Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry DownloadThe Warrior, the political leader, uses physical Force and Fear to secure control over, to captivate the masses. The Witchdoctor, the priest, the clergy, use the power of mysticism, myths and legends to equally hold captive the minds of the masses.

Same effect. Different Techniques!!

Is it not the everchanging, unpredictable power of contradiction — the conflicted energy of dualism — which accounts for that tainted (confused) energy of a once holistic essence (Truth) which is responsible for the power of these Satanic Leaders to divide and conquer?

Christ Consciousness, the “holistic essence” of Truth, is the Godly Estate of all human beings. They have given it up, “fallen from grace” via the venue of their own exploitable self-doubt. They are victims of Mind Control.

The *idea* of Christ is not Christ — that nondualistic essence of unbounded, holistic Consciousness. It is merely a fragmented idea, and can never be the unbounded essence it attempts to convey.

The *idea* of Christ as held by millions of Christians and non-Christians alike is a carefully-constructed fable foisted upon Spiritually undiscriminating blind believers by their Satanic rulers.

Did not one Christ say that He was “the Truth, the Life and the Way?” Does anybody glimpse the nondualistic essence communicated by this simple Man of Truth?

Out of the *holistic* essence of Truth comes the corrupted dualistic *idea* of Truth. At what point does such corruption emerge within the consciousness of man? Can not its emergence be clearly seen to occur at the transitory level where nondualism (Truth) is perceived through the dualistic filters of a Satanic (Opposer) driven Intellect?

Is not the “god” of man’s world, a world built and based on illusory thought structures, the very essence of SATAN?

Is not the intellect, the dualistic computer, trained and programmed toward creating division and contradiction in matters nontechnical, the servant of Satan? Is not the Intellect itself worshipped by civilized man? Without control over the intellect would the religious and secular aims of the worldly, Satanically driven leaders be possible?

Without such control over the Intellect, would worldly leaders be able to strip away and redistribute the wealth (energy) of the masses and use it against them, thereby enslaving them with their own energy?

Even a blind man should be able to see the obvious momentum created by a technical oriented Intellect that has no business involving itself with nontechnical problem solving — yet IT DOES!! How else could Hell on Earth have occurred?

The simple solution, the antidote to such insanity, the cessation of Hell on Earth comes when the realization of holistic TRUTH manifests in lieu of fragmented, conditioned BELIEFS.

To be at-one, to live and resonate with the pristine, nondualistic essence of TRUTH is the State of Christ Consciousness. It is infinite, timeless, without beginning or end.

It is eternal

It is Life Everlasting.

It is the True Estate of Man.

At what level are you now living your life?

Raymond Karczewski
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