Christ Reality

A Christ is a simple man or woman of Truth. One who has transcended the satanic ruled intellect and primarily traverses life via Unlimited Divine Awareness, the direct perception of truth. A Christ is a man or woman who lives in the world of satanic intellection but IS NOT OF IT.

A Christ recognizes that the programmable, conditioned intellect is required when dealing with technical matters (all dead, memory based cogitation and recall) and for communicating with other intellects, in any fantasy based reality, but is stable, unyielding, and reflects, Mirrors all satanic illusions which attempt to pass themselves off as Truth.

One can see that a True Christ, (not a fictional, costume/garb-wearing , myth sputtering, pulpit pounding, organizationally-backed figurehead) is not a welcome sight in any fictional, nonsensical world based in never-ending war and corporate greed, all because it is being promoted daily via Mainstream Media and alternative media which has the effect of spiritually blinding religious following sheeple via (public educational) conditioning.

Living Truth is seen via Spiritual Sight in the Eternal Moment of NOW. It cannot be arrived at in the after-moment based (dead) Intellect via dead thoughts of dead men in dead books. Such is the nature of Satanic Conditioning. It accounts for all Societies of Mankind since the Dawn of Civilization to the present date and unless brought to a halt, shall project itself into the future.

THERE IS NO NEED FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER  Order has always been with us, but we have been blinded to it.

For life to exist, IT MUST EXIST NOW, IN THIS ETERNAL MOMENT, a timeless interval which has NO BEGINNING, NO END, NO LIMITATIONS, UNBOUNDED, and INFINITE. Have you not just caught a glimpse of that Supreme Intelligence man has always referred to as God? The Total, the Complete, the Wholistic (holy) essence of What Is, Life itself?

No you say? You do not see it? Why Not? Could it be your memory based intellect, full of life-long, Satanically-programmed nonsense is preventing you from simply seeing Truth, God, here and now, in this very moment. That you are being prevented from accessing your God-given gift of Divine Awareness, the very foundation of Creation in your own life, the life of your family, the life of your children, their children, and their children’s chldren, all because of years and years of drummed in, rote learned, dead, mystical, mythical, superstitious, impossible events one is made to believe possible?

Did not one such Christ 2000 years ago proclaim that one must die to be reborn of the Spirit?   Was He not talking to the mythically-conditioned people of His time, those who were blinded to the Living Truth, much like those of you who are blinded to such Truth today, and so were and are now, caused to navigate life via dead beliefs which defy proof?

Why do you rail against such simple Truth, spoken by Men and Women of Truth, Christs in their own being, their own selves?

Why would you sacrifice yourselves, martyr yourselves, send your children to the Battlefield to kill and be killed for satanically controlled corporate agendas? ITS YOUR BELIEFS DUMMY!!! And I say that with the UTMOST OF LOVE.

Going on 18 years now on the Internet, a spiritual battle has been waging while the People slumber on. It has been a battle to stop my writing on the internet.   A battle which finds its origin in ties with the US Federal Government Intelligence Agencies and trickles down from the Federal, to the State, County, and Local governments.

All this can be verified on my website, and the Google archives. When the 18 year, organized libelous smear campaign/disinformation campaign against myself and my family, failed they resorted to flexing the ‘mighty arm of Oregon law enforcement and courts which threatened to imprison me for 35 to 40 years as a paper terrorist for attempting to hold my Public Servants accountable for their crimes and malfeasance. One man, standing alone, with no Organization or support. STOOD DOWN THE COURTS OF OREGON.

How? I knew I was a LIVING MAN and the courts were a FICTION, created by living me  and my fellow Living Men and Women.

It is a plain and simple Truth that No fiction HAS JURISDICTION over its CREATOR.   I simply REFUSED to accept their OFFER OF SENTENCING (their offer of contract)  as to this day, they have REFUSED TO PROVE THEIR FICTIONAL JURISIDICTION OVER THIS Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-blood, Sentient, Natural Man, a Son of God, a Christ, a man of the Sovereign People, the Creators of Government.

Their Satanic Trickery was exposed for all to see, yet, TO THIS DAY, the GENERAL Public STILL DO NOT SEE IT? They are Still BLINDED. That is the power of the Satanic Spell, which has captivated the minds of SLAVES since Man’s Fall From Grace, the moment Satanic Civilization was born.

It is time for a NEW WAY OF LIFE for us here in America and for the Rest of the World. Through my Daughter Lisa Heathman, I am dedicating this WebSite to bring that about. We must change our Hearts, and our Minds to make this planet a Heaven on Earth. I for one, KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE.

I invite all like-spirited Men an Women to CONTRIBUTE and share with us their wisdom and Understanding and help each other out of the mess our satanic conditioning has led us into.


Raymond Karczewski