Divine Revolution: Boycott, Boycott, Boycott.

Divine Revolution: Boycott, Boycott, Boycott.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

This is a message to all mankind. You may make of it what you will. I fully understand that your lifelong conditioning, and prejudices shall color what you read, but pay attention to your responses, for they shall bring you to understand yourself, that you have missed heretofore.

For most of you, this shall sound strange, for it goes against the grain of your present world view, adopted by you from years and years of programmable beliefs inculcated into you by outside, remote sources, call it government, religion, media, etc.

These beliefs have been imposed upon you by outside sources. Nameless, faceless entities which have hijacked your consciousness through the medium of duty, obligation, conformity, and obedience.

It is so prominent in your consciousness that it largely goes unnoticed, unquestioned. It is called Faith. If you pay attention to it, you begin to recognize it to be a “Hive Mentality” a collective thought pattern which stands as a standard for you to live by. You look around and you find everyone you see to be living by that same standard, even though conflicts arise in all relationships which are bound by that standard.

That is Society. That is Civilization, that is Hell on Earth.

There are those amongst you, True Anarchists who are drawn to a different way of life, a life of Freedom, a life of Love, a Life of Sovereignty, but you see they are outsiders to your reality. They don’t fit it with your own conditioned concepts of Freedom, Love, and Sovereignty.

What is your response to them? Is it not one of threat? Threat to your present way of life? Do you not resist them. Do you not seek support in numbers from like-minded believers to overcome such truly free men and women?

I recognize that I am sending this message in the midst of the horrendous headlines which get worse with each passing day.

The shadowy elitists which have programmed your mind toward Freedom, Love and Sovereignty, have now turned the tables on you in a completely opposite manner and are now Stripping away your Freedom, preaching division, engendering opposition and hate, and they demand your fealty as a Corporate Slave through your own consent or contract.

Through such Satanic means, they have reduced you to become slaves of the Corporation which masquerades as Government, a system run by the Bankers, the MoneyChangers of yesteryear. Through lawyerly trickery and satanic alteration of language, they confuse you into relinguishing to them your Sovereignty. In that moment of Self-doubt, they own you. They own your body, mind and soul. They own your Children, Your labor, your wealth, your life. And you meekly submit to them while you take another step into the abyss of despair.

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit to the Truth of that which has just been said. So What’s the solution you ask? You are being programmed daily by patriot talk shoe hosts to RESIST, RESIST, RESIST. To Oppose, to Overthrow the Tyrant ( which in actuality is merely a public servant hired by you to carry out such duties which would insure your peace and Tranquility.

But the Satanic ruled Intellect by its very nature is a scheming, conniving, conflicted, opposing instrument of Consciousness which creates illusions that are mistaken as Truth itself.

Unfortunately, that is where most of you live. You live in a tainted reality mistaken as Truth. A reality where up is down, back is front and everything is misperceived as a result of such a faulty Instrument operating via programmable judgment.

How long are you willing to go to support the Satanic Influences which rule your daily life, promising you a better life, but in actuality, destroying that which you have and leaving you as lesser human beings in the process.

Truth be told, you are embarrassed to admit that you have been exploited through such tactics, and your need to save face, NO LONGER WORKS.

You are setting yourselves up toward participating is a bloody Revolution, a Kill or Be Killed reality all in the name of achieving liberation, Freedom from the hands of Tyranny.

Somehow, it escapes you that the Tyrants are your servants. They exist at your behest, they can only function with your full support, psychologically and financially. Government is a Fiction, a wisp of Thought which came into existence via the collective mind of Sovereign men and women. Government is A Fiction, it is a Dead Entity. It has NO REAL POWER over the Living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient natural Man or Women who created it.

So Satanic Thought constructs the JURISTIC PERSON, the NAME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, THE STRAWMAN, and convinced the living man and woman to acknowledge and agree, through their own consent or contract to be a member of the Satanic Corporation which Government was to become.

What does Government Produce? The answer: NOTHING. You, each of you are the producers of wealth through your labor, which government converts in order to create its own power base. Are you willing to continue to pay for your own destruction?

So who are you RESISTING, RESISTING, RESISTING, with your thoughts of a Bloody Revolution, an armed march upon Washington? Are they not merely thoughts that have been conditioned into you by outsid sources? Did you think them up, or did you merely accept them from another source?

Forgive me, but it is a NO-BRAINER that you have accepted them from another source and have adopted them as your own.

Are you a Man, or a Sheeple? A man stands in Truth, alone if necessary. A Sheeple Follows the illusions of herd thinking.

It can easily be seen that bloody revolutions and the like are a product of the Sheeple mentality.

But what is the mentality of a man (not to be confused with an artificial “person”) an entity resonating with Divine Intelligence, with Truth?

Nothing can stand up to Truth. I have spoken it to you in this communication. So what would a Man or Woman of Truth do to solve the problems which plague the world today. Would he go out and kill or be killed by his brother?

You already know the answer to that because you have been faced with the obvious, have you not? Therefore armed revolution is out.

The way of Truth, the way of Love, the Way of Life is “TO DO NO HARM.” So what is the alternative which is NON-VIOLENT, HAS NO DOWNSIDE” DOES NOT PLACE ONE IN HARM’S WAY AND IS ABSOLUTELY SUCCESSFUL in disintegrating government, bank, religions, and other Satanic Institutions?

Are you ready for it? Wait for It! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Withdraw all your support to a Satanic Organization and the Illusions which bind you as slaves will just disintegrate and be whisked away by the gentle breeze of Truth.

I’ll not tell you what to do, or How to do it because what I have just presented is a NO-BRAINER. If you can’t take it from there, you will have chosen to remain a KEPT SLAVE.

With Love and Truth, I remain

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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