GUN CONTROL: Equality in America: Truth or Fantasy?

GUN CONTROL:  Equality in America: Truth or Fantasy?

   Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Guns =  Freedom Insurance in America

Government HAS GUNS a Satanic Organization WILL USE THEM!

You and your family, Children of God, Infinite Intelligence  MAY HAVE GUNS AND MAY USE THEM IN SELF-DEFENSE AND FREEDOM!

Government, a satanic entity, seeking a monopoly on arms in their Tyranny on you and your family  entice you to surrender your arms while they keep theirs. (Anybody see how DUMB that is?)

A successful Mind controlled man or woman (a sheeple lost in a herd of sheeple searching for a shepherd) muddled by years of government indoctrination will comply and surrender his/her guns, glowing with the pride of a subjugated enslaved human being.

A True man, an holistic, competent, aware human being is immune from  the Satanic spell of GUN CONTROL woven by government mind controllers will KEEP HIS GUNS, knowing fully well, his servant government is there to serve him not enslave him, and HE UNDERSTAND HE IS  THE MASTER OF GOVERNMENT.

This has been a message from a Living Christ, not the 2000 year old SATANIC IMAGE which binds your present consciousness but a Christ, a present day, simple man of Truth.

You, each of you are potential Christs also, but you Suffer from Amnesia of your true State of Being, because of a lifetime of  Satanic Government and Religious Hypnotic Spells,

My message is so simple, so inescapable, that one is only left with simple Truth and will set you free.

No Satanic Image can STAND UP TO TRUTH.

For those of you who react negatively to my use of the word CHRIST,  pay careful attention to your reactions.  That is your Spiritual Teacher talking to you.   I use it  purposefully to demonstrate that it is a Mind Control Trigger which has been used for the last 2000 years to control the minds of Western Civilized Man.  A Christ is a Simple Man of Truth.  One who has transcended the satanic effects of mind programming/conditioning common to all Civilized Men.  Consult my website for full detailed inquiry into Satanic Mind Control.

 Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Retired Cop; A Living Christ