Heralding in “The Second Coming of Christ”

Heralding in “The Second Coming of Christ”

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Millions of Christians are awaiting “The Second Coming of Christ.”  But what is it that they await?

Born into a world of struggle, strife, violence and exploitation, they only KNOW what they KNOW, what they have been taught, what they have been led to believe and such knowledge promises, but seldom delivers them from a consciousness that remains caught within the extreme opposites of Heaven and Hell, Duality itself.

In short their programming, their conditioning into the realm of Intellectual dualistic thought takes place shortly after infancy and for the vast majority follows them to their graves, never knowing what life was all about.  Never understanding who they were and their reason for living.

Through years and years of conditioning, They have been made to doubt themselves, to defer to others to do their thinking for them, to seek security in the hands of others who seem smarter, more proficient in areas they perceive themselves to lack.

Who were their teachers?  Who are their teachers?  Were. Are they not one’s parents, one’s friends, acquaintances, Associates, government and religious leaders, exploitive technical experts who do their thinking for them for a fee?

Can you see what happens to such people?  Can you see what has happened to you?  Can you put a word to it?  I Can!  You have been MIND CONTROLLED.

The words, the ideas, the visions, the desires which occupy your mind are merely wispy fantasies, until they are acted upon and then created as reality in your lives.  But who is doing your thinking for you. Who is motivating you toward a distinct and recogniseable reality?   Is it You?  For most, unfortunately NOT!

I have spent the last 18 years on the Internet writing about this Age old Secret which has enslaved man, and I have done so to a hostile audience, to a fearful audience, to an audience reluctant to enter into inquiry, but quick toward attack and derision.  To numbers of people who have been conditioned to believe in fantasies, Myths, graven images, all forms of superstition and the like, all because their conditioned intellect does not, will not allow for them to go beyond the hellish limitations the Satanic ruled Intellect has set for itself.

Look at the world today? Check out the headlines. Do you still have your homes, your jobs, your families, your freedom, your sanity? You, each of you have created the world you now live in by virtue of the quality of your consciousness, a consciousness overwhelmed by remote controlling Satanic Conditioning which holds you captive to the Intellectual realm of consciousness.  Even your views of Christ are Satanic in nature for they are but limited thoughts which remote sources have conditioned into you.

Truth stands alone.  It does not require support of any kind.  Truth is “What Is”.  However, the “idea” of Truth is not Truth, is it?


The idea of God is not GOD, is it?

The simple fact is that GOD is Truth, wholistic, Eternal. GOD is Supreme Intelligence manifest in the Eternal Moment of Now, and GOD can only be accessed via DIVINE AWARENESS, DIRECT PERCEPTION OF TRUTH,

The Idea of God is SATANIC, for it is partial in nature, dualistic and opposing in nature, it is a dead, aftermoment-based counterfeit reflection of that which is irreplicatable, which is wholistic, but is pummelled repetitively into your undiscerning consciousness, you pliant sponge-like intellect  from costumed men speaking from pulpits in parables to you because your intellect is not  wired for Truth, but is fascinated by stories of impossibilities which are believed to be true, yet cannot be manifested in the lives of civilized human beings.

A sure formula for the creation of doubt, for the enslavement of man, is it not?

Examine yourselves.  Have your beliefs set you free, or have they enslaved you?  Have they robbed you of your lifeforce, your energy, your very God-given Sovereignty?

The answer is self-evident for you are awaiting “THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST” the messiah, the one who will set you free.

Why do you worship dead ideas of a fantasy Christ rather than actually listen to and observe the energy of a Living Christ, a simple man a Truth.

Why do you deny your own Christhood (a potential holistic consciousness transcendent of a fragmented, dualistic, opposing Intellect)?

If any of you wish to satisfy your curiousity as to the veracity of my living Christhood, visit my website http://www.arkenterprises.com and links.

Pay close attention to your reactions to what you read, for that is your true spiritual teacher.  It will, for most of you appear in the form of outrage, anger, and hurt, for that is the pain of your own illusions resisting exposure to the simple Truth.  Few of you will directly understand what I say, because your limited Intellect cannot process that which lies beyond the Intellect’s limitations.

Read the evidence of a simple man of Truth, a Christ STANDING DOWN the courts of Oregon and Josephine County.  Yes, God has given them the power over the common man in order to test the spiritual mettle of such people, but they, the institutionally satanic ruled courts have NO POWER over a simple Man of Truth.

All you need do is enter with an open mind and withstand the fireworks which necessarily follows.

This has been my Gift to you.  The Gift of Truth.  Do with it as you will.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

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