Human Consciousness: A Christs Diagnosis!

Human Consciousness: A Christs Diagnosis!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

I recognize few have the courage to step out of their satanic comfort zone and risk being different from those with whom they have forged their relationships.

Very few indeed will respond to my articles. They stand mute, stunned, and in fear of being discovered for what and whom they are, programmable, controllable, robotic responders to stimuli. Those who do respond only reveal their conflicted souls to others through arguement and are quickly dispatch by the simple Mirror of Truth.

My words are inarguable, for they are Truth. It is their holistic resonance which disturbs dualistic, illusion-driven entities and drives them up the wall.

It is fear that prevents such borderline sheeple to come “out of their satanic closet” and stand up for truth as the Mirror of Truth readily absorbs the anger, the frustration and the fear of the illusory bound egos which are exposed in their impotence and their commiseration with despair, The nature of Satanic Conditioning is the basis of group thought. It is both subtle, yet overwhelming in its destructive influence on the Soul.

Sheeple, unwhole, codependent entities seek direction. Weakness and codependance, becomes a badge of virtue which they wear proudly. They have no self anchor to hold them steady and balanced, to stand alone if necessary in a world of imbalance. They worship entertainers, story tellers, gurus, authority figures, and anyone who can commandeer their attention, their intelligence, who can rob them of their spiritual substance. Therein is where they sell their souls for acceptance, for security. Therein is where they fall from Grace. Therein is where they devolve in spirit and go STRAIGHT TO HELL.

A Christ, a living, beathing, simple man of Truth stands amongst them with simplicity, with directness, with an energy they cannot comprehend, let alone resonate with. Such direct, inarguable holistic energy is shocking to them for they have much to give up in order to finally understand their own true relationship with Truth, with one another, with their own relationship with God, Supreme Intelligence. Their satanically imposed pride of ego will prompt them to kill another rather than to die to its own illusions.

This is not some fairy tail, some myth, a superstition that is being communicated to you. It IS TRUTH. Shocking, is it not?

You are beig shocked and angered only because your satanic conditioned egos are pulling out all the stops to prevent any change from coming about in you and your relationships. But you are helpless to defend against Truth, are you not? You become addicted to hearing and reading the words of a Christ because it answers the war that is going on inside of your worldly conditioned intellect. You want to change, yet you are led to believe that you cannot change. Hell, isn’t it?

Peace on Earth will NEVER come about through organized thought-based agendas, be it political or religious, for that is the source of Hell on Earth. Peace comes within the individual who is courageous enough to stand alone, if necessary in the face of a world locked in Satanic opposition.

This Christ’s words of Truth are given with no strings attached to all who have the spiritual “eyes to see and ears to hear.” They are seen as anathema to satanically conditioned souls.

Many do not understand my indifference to those who are hell-bent upon contributing to their own destruction. I cannot change them. I do not wish to change them. They can only changes themselves when they have reached the end of their rope while living in such a satanically ruled environment.

I recognize these words fly in the face of everything most of you have been led to believe by others who seek to control you. If that is the life you want, then so be it. You deserve it. You have worked for it, you have earned it. I am addressing those who are stirred within by the unreplicatle energy of truth when they are exposed to it. The salvation does not come from me or from any other human being, but from them, who finally see THEY ARE THE OTHER HUMAN BEING at a fundamental level of Consciousness.

Freedom is not a gift. It cannot be bestowed upon another. It is earned by those who are willing to face the satanic gauntlet of life, take their lumps, adjust and emerge/return to their God Given Original state of wholeness, holiness, the state of nondualism wherein the seeker and the sought are ONE.

Hope this helps.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ