Journey Beyond Thought, The Book

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A Spiritual Primer for All Truth Seekers

A Book that can Change Your Life

It Provides a Spotlight on the Truth in a Confusing World

It Lends as Assist in Your Search for Your Understanding of Life

  • Can you really be free in a world filled with fear, hatred and confusion?
  • Other people’s happiness and contentment – is it all an illusion?
  • Defy Your Self-Imposed Barriers
  • Escape the Traps that are Government, Religion, and even Family
  • Free yourself of your Conditioned Mind
  • See Life as it is, not how you’ve been led to believe it is
Observe Truth Within and Without; realize that doubts and limitations are a thing of the past–that they are, and were an Illusion in the first place.  DO THAT, and the Truth Shall Set you free

The journey you shall take into your own  inquiry into consciousness will reveal THE TRUTH — not ‘government truths’ or ‘ religious truths’, or even your own ‘conditioned idea of truth’. There is only One Truth, the Truth of What Is.  Once you see it, the world of man ceases to have control over you;  You are a Free Man, a Free Woman, a Sovereign Child of God.  It can be a difficult journey to take, but one that is well worth your time,

‘The freedom of one man living peacefully and cooperatively with others is the key to the freedom of the entire society. Such a change must begin within the individual and flow out like a ripple from a pebble dropped into a pond.’  Journey beyond thought is a powerful, no-nonsense spiritual, psychological and practical examination of the conditioned mind.
Back cover of Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind

Listen to what Readers have to say

‘The book is an articulate expression of an exceptionally enlightened  view of reality.  To have the gift to indicate Truth so clearly is rare.’  __George K. Ballentine, Spiritual Seeker, San Diego California

Your message is on the ‘Level’ of the great philosophers I have been studying these past few months in my research for my new book on Democracy.  I am referring to Plato, Plutinus, Bacon, and Heydon.  These enlightened Individuals were not accepted or understood by the masses, but have laid, or strengthened, the foundation of Truth for the world.’     __Rev. Dorothy Leon, Grants Pass Oregon

‘The tapes are very valuable…I believe your tape 3 is a universal antidote for seeking minds that hae been poisoned by false doctrine,    In my opinion it should be marketed, by itself, as an antidote on that simple basis. That one tape is exactly what is needed for those who sought truth in various cults, religions, and pseudo-philosophy via various types of media and interactions, then ended up confused, frustrated and damaged . . . .’  Peter Dominic, Cult investigator,  Merlin Oregon

‘  All my life I have been religiously inclined.  I’m now in my 50’s.  In my younger days I attended a seminary and had planned to become a minister of the faith.  I found myself at odds with some of the dogma they taught and was not allowed to finish my studies.  ‘I have continued to study and live according to the Bible.  Until I heard your tapes, I had found no one able to put into words all the things I had seen but was unable to express.’  ‘  After listening to the tapes I sat down and cried.  It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I can only call it a ‘Religious Experience’.        Cal H.  Illinois Valley Oregon

‘  Thank you for letting us hear your tapes.  They are a challenge to the mind and heart of any one who hears them.  I appreeiate the message to seek the truth win an unbiased open readiness to see things as they are.   __Bruce Jackson Christian, Cave Junction Oregonse

The tapes referred to are the three  out-of-market  companion Cassette tape series, ‘Christs with Amnesia ‘.


Author’s Bio

Internationally recognized author, philosopher, and essayist Raymond Ronald Karczewski© is currently profiled in Marquis ‘Who’s Who in America publications of Who’s Who in the West 1998-1999, and Who’s Who in Entertainment 1998-1999.’  His profile also appears in the 27th Edition of the Dictionary of International Biography published by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

The author is a retired police Sergeant, living  in southern Oregon , The content of Journey Beyond Thought is based on his life-long search for the meaning of life.  Breaking away from the conditioning of the family and religion, he found himself to be a virtual outcast  from the structure that most peope cling to for their security.  From early childhood,his inner direction allowed  him to face life on it’s own terms-uncompromisingly. This book is a result of the insights that followed.  


Excerpt from Chapter 2:  ‘What Is God?’

Chapter 2 – What is God?

Let’s look at what God is.  Let us determine, if we can, whether God does or does not exist. Let’s not start out with the conclusion that He does or does not, for conclusion will always invite argument.  If we get caught on this peripheral level of argument, we’ll get no further and understanding will not be possible.  To begin with, the question must be asked: What is God?  Does God have a reality, an existence outside of the realm of thought?  Is God observable?  Is God a fact, or merely an idea propagated by our minds?  A fact has existence.  It can be seen by all those who have not erected barriers which distort their observations.  A fact is something that is beyond consciousness and can be perceived directly.  It is not dependent upon the thought process for its existence.  The idea of the fact, which is based in consciousness, is merely a thought, an image, a reflection of the observed fact.  With this image, the mind sets about to create an alternate reality in which the idea is believed to be the fact.  Therein lies the confusion of man’s world.  This of course, is the world of images based in man’s thought process.

So the question remains:  What is reality, and how does it differ from the truth?  We shall be lost if we don’t meet each other on a common definition for the words reality and truth.  I perceive truth to mean ‘What IS.’  When all barriers caused by judgment (based in ideas, beliefs, and dogma) which surround the perception of ‘What IS’ have dropped away, all that remains is ‘What IS’–The Truth.  Reality on the other hand, is the psychological perception of one’s environment, both real and imaginary.  The intellectual mind requires comfort and security for its orderly operation.  It will even take its security in a neurotic reality if it finds comfort in it.  The intellectual mind cannot function directly with, nor is it comfortable with, the ‘What IS,’ for it has no power in that realm.  So it sets itself apart from the whole of ‘What IS’ and creates its own partial reality.  It then mistakenly or self-deceptively views this partial reality as the whole.  This is the step away from the whole of life; that is, the life which is based in true reality.  This partial reality would be termed by psychologists as neurotic or psychotic, depending on its degree of restrictiveness.  This falling away from ‘What IS,’ true reality, into a fictitious realm has also been made into a dogmatic concept by the Christian religion and is called the ‘Fall of Satan.’

If we perceive God as an idea, that idea, by its very nature, is partial and therefore has a limited reality.  It cannot be true, as it lacks wholeness.  Can God be perceived directly, on the gross sensory level?  There has been no indication that this has occurred  within mankind’s entire history.  The word ‘God’ is not God; the idea of ‘God’ is not God, is it?  To find out whether God exists we cannot remain within the limited realm of thought, for ‘God’ is unknown.  Only the thought, the reflection of the fact, can be known.  This is the bondage of the mind.  Unable to transcend its own self-projected limitations, the mind is impotent to grasp the
reality of God….
hap. 2 What is God,  Journey beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind

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