Lack of Full Awareness:

There shall be Death, Destruction, the Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth at the Injustice suffered by all!


By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Please take this in the spirit in which it is given.


Life on Earth is, in fact Hell on earth, for it is the eternal spirit undergoing experience within the limited confines of an Intellectually influenced vessel of a material Body living in a conflict-ridden, ruled material world

Most publicly educated civilized men and women of the mass community oft called “sheeple” are functioning at less than full capacity, they are operating at less than full awareness.  They have been systematically conditioned over the years to be thrown into a dualistic/opposing environment that shows no mercy. It is an environment full of corruption, deceit, and brutality. It is the world based on the Law of Mammon, the Laws of Men.

There are no questions the masses live in fear, confusion, and violence. But one must have faith, for God will not allow anyone to endure anything beyond their capacity. Of that one can be assured.

The Solution to America’s Problems

One must stand fast with Truth, and expose the authorities for the corrupted people that they are.

Others, relatively innocent people who work in the system, and are seduced by the bait of a job dangled before them remain ignorant, and these limited functioning people come together to work out their own, not understood destiny, in order to return to their God given gift of Divine Awareness, the sole purpose for their being here, living life on Earth.

I’ll not go into detail for the story of my experiences with the law as it can be read on my website, and elsewhere on the Internet for those who are serious-minded men and women. Most are not concerned with such matters as long as their security/pleasure zone is not impacted.

Unlawfully Incarcerated by Tyrannical System

The following is a true and accurate statement of my personal experiences with the State of Oregon Courts and Josephine County.  I was UNLAWFULLY INCARCERATED by the Oregon Law Enforcement agencies, and its courts through the fraud perpetrated upon the American People on a daily basis.

It started out with a High-Beam violation on a Traffic Stop on September 5th, 2002 and no driver’s license (which I rescinded in 1999, and escalated to paper terrorism for attempting to hold my public officials accountable.)  I was incarcerated in the Josephine County Oregon jail for 128 days, 121 days in the “Hole”,  solitary confinement and 7 days in general population as I was audacious enough to assert my Sovereign Rights.

It was a test.  The system had to discredit me, shut me down, or face the consequences of the lid from Pandora’s box exposing them for the fraud they were perpetrating upon the Oregon highway-traveling public.

I knew it was an outrage and a crime from the very outset. But, in reality, nobody else cared what happened to me beyond rendering superficial empty words.  To them I was just another name in the newspaper of a man thrown in jail for an alleged crime.  After all, They were not yet touched by the Tyranny of the system they themselves had voted for and support daily through the elected Representatives, they put into office.

I cared, and my wife cared. Beyond that, there was NO ONE who truly cared. I refer to those whose caring amounted to idle talk and an aversion toward taking action. I realized from the very outset that my incarceration was a spiritual test, just as your coming experiences will be to you when it comes your turn. However, I knew what I had to do, because there was no one else to help me. I went on a combined Jail hunger strike of 55 days which left me near death. (this was the finding of the Jail Nurse who was instrumental in my release) in protest of the unlawful arrest and incarceration.

I was offered conditional releases by the courts on several occasion (their attempt to sweep me up  into the system via contract) and I refused them all. My position clearly stated to the authorities was they would have to drop all charges and set me free as no crimes had been committed.. They refused to do that. I refused to accept their conditional offers.  I knew the whole thing was a scam, for I had harmed No One as the Law requires, I had committed no crimes, and as a “Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man of the Sovereign People, and not a degraded  14th Amendment Citizen nor a member by consent/contract to the private Corporation calling itself “DeFacto Government.”

I was not about to CONSENT TO MY OWN INCARCERATION, to a servant government which existed at the behest of its master, the Sovereign People.  My position was that they, the prosecution and courts would have to PROVE JURISDICTION over me, a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or CUT ME LOOSE.

My stated position was I would either walk out a Free man or they would carry out a Dead Man.


I underwent two Trials to face “victimless charges”, which affect ONLY consensual members of the Corporation and 14th Amendment “Citizens.”  There cannot be a crime, where no living being was harmed by my action. Nevertheless the two trials ended in convictions, but the convictions were assigned to the FICTIONAL JURISTIC PERSON created by the government, the Strawman, whose name was spelled on ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (that is the only “PERSON” they have Jurisdiction over, their own fictionally created entity), not me, this Living Breathing,Flesh-and Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.

SENTENCING:  The Moment of Truth

When it came around to sentencing, I, the Free Man, the Sovereign, standing alone, protected only by the sword and shield of divine awareness, of Truth REFUSED to accept their offer of contract (sentencing), and that disarmed them all, the Judge, and the Prosecutors. That was the moment of Truth. That was indeed, when all the pompous and officious persecution of this living man had come to an end. The illusion of the courts had been exposed to them along with the spectators watching the proceedings.  It was all over.

Failing to prove its JURISDICTION over this Living Man, they were forced to throw me out of their jail before I died in their hands. That, was the length and limit of my personal spiritual test. I have sought to share that experience with all on the Internet, BUT STILL, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN. Their Satanically induced Hypnotic Trance endures to this very day holding them immobile while they watch their country, their Constitutionnal Republic, their very freedoms slipping away.  They still live in the hypnotic fog which engulfs them in their limited, intellectual consciousness, dictated (programmed) into them by government, religion, and media.

It is THAT IGNORANCE that continues to rule the Human Intellect of Americans and others elsewhere in the world that allows for the tyranny that families world-wide are experiencing.

When folks wake up to find out who they truly are, that is, Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women of the Sovereign People and realize via full awareness, they are not subjugated to any man or institution without binding themselves through  their own consent to bogus “victimless crimes” unlawfully imposed upon them by tyrannical law makers and enforcers, and screw up the courage to act upon their discovery, then, and only then, will our courts change,  will our government change, Characters like Obama and Romney will fall away as just functioning puppets of a larger, more sinister Threat to freedom and life playing to an audience of SPIRITUAL IGNORAMUSES.

Until then, there shall remain death, destruction, the weeping and gnashing of Teeth at the injustice suffered by all.


Listen to the YouTube video below.  Listen to the realistic relationship of a Sovereign man dealing with his servant Judge.  Observe how a Judge of the State of Oregon reacts when he was exposed in his violation of the law in his heavy-handedness in conducting a hearing into the Unlawful Automobile impound hearing and his subsequent emotional reactions when dislodged from his rote protected,  prosecutorial patter in favor of the Corporate State of Oregon.  The judge is not a referree for the state, he is a BANKER.  It remains such as the BLIND CANNOT SEE.

Note the Judge’s statement near the end of the recording when he stated he would send by mail, his decision in the matter.  It has been years now and NO DECISION of the courts BY MAIL HAS EVER BEEN RECEIVED.

The reason is quite simple, NO AGENT for the State of Oregon, its law enforcement, prosecutors, police and Sheriffs agents will answer the question of JURISDICTION, because if they did, their traffic and arrest scams would be revealed to all and their multi-billion (that’s with a “B”) would come to an end.

As such there exists now,  multiple Commercial Defaults connected to Numerous Police, court, and prosecutorial agents in the State of Oregon and County of Josephine in the millions of dollars.

These public officials do not follow the law, they thumb their noses at the Constitution and they are daily perpetrating a Fraud upon the American People sitting in their courts while donning their black robes.

This is the only Revolution that need be, or ought take place.  It must come from a return of our God-given AWARENESS of who we are, and our true and proper relationship we have with our servant governent.  When the People realize the police and courts WORK FOR THEM, and they are no slave to any man or system, without their own consent or contract.

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