Raymond Karczewski — A Modern Day Christ

Raymond Karczewski — A Modern Day Christ

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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I, Raymond Karczewski, simply state that I am a Christ, a Simple man of Truth, one who lives in our modern day society, yet is not of it.

I do not pander to others through Storytelling or through parables.

My message is simple, direct and powerful. It is designed to awaken the human populace to their True Nature since it was lost to them when they sought to become civilized, to conform to man made ideas which regulated their behavior and which has held sway in the human consciousness since the first society to emerge on Earth.

My message exposes the massive influence of prolific satanic magickal thinking imposed upon the minds of the masses throughout the world today via semantic attachments to words and concepts, a satanic malady which has captured the minds of Civilized man since the Dawn of Civilization.

As most of you who have who are offended by my open and deliberate use of the word “Christ” attached to my name, I fully understand your upset. But, now is the time for you to understand the true source of your upset. If you do not shut down this video from the fear of being exposed as a mere believer in fantasy thinking, you shall feel the pain of spiritual ignorance, the acknowledgment that you have been led down a wrong path, a path which has carved out your own personal Hell on Earth.

The word Christ is just a word, a concept, an illusion which has taken on the aura of being sacred by those of you listening to this, those of you who have been conditioned to believe such magickal satanic thinking myths as facts.

You must keep in mind that the word is merely a reflection of a truth which always remains present in the eternal moment of Now, a moment which it timeless, without beginning or end. However, through intellectual filtering, a devolution of consciousness from that of Divine Awareness, direct perception of Truth, man himself has voluntarily opted to “Fall from Grace” to transform the moment of Truth into the aftermoment, memory, rote learned based illusion of the Idea of Truth. Ideas are not Truth for they are limited while Truth is Whole. Ideas can never be Truth for they lack the wholeness of Truth, the holistic, the holyness of Truth.

Civilized men and women are trained from birth to death to live in such Intellectual aftermoments which they call reality. They know not Truth for they are incapable of resonating directly with the unique and unreplicatable resonance of holistic Truth. Instead, what they share with other like-minded codependant believers, what you unknowingly experience as an aftermoment, time-bound, linear string of Satanic Intellectual consciousness based in limitation, duality and opposition.

Most of you have lost your ability to directly perceive Truth in the eternal moment of now, to exercize your God given gift of Divine Awareness which cuts through the accumulated mountain of false illusions acquired through conditioning and exposes directly, the unabated, unadorned Truth at hand.

Such is the barrier of communication which exists between a Christ, a simple man or woman of Truth and you, the willing, the consentual, the dependent believer of myths, superstitions and other sundry illusions which affect your world view. You have sacrified Truth, for wanton belief because it is easier for you to conform to herd thinking than to stand alone in Truth.

By my use of the word Christ, I have exposed the age old satanic trigger used by the few elitists to control the many through societally based, mass mind control.

Such limiting mind control techniques account for the failure of the human being to live freely and lovingly in his own lifetime. Instead his direct perception of Truth, of WHAT IS, is outwardly influenced via the limited concepts of the unnameable Supreme Intelligence to an organizational conditioned thought of “god”, clearly a dead concept, a “graven image” of a debased, everlasting Divine Intelligence. Such reduction of perception relegates the civilized man to the status of slave in the civilized world of his own making, and not that of a Master of his own Destiny.

A Christ is a man/woman of Truth, one who has faced such unrelenting satanic conditioning, understood it for what it is and thus, has risen above such superficial, dualistic, opposing thought, the thoughts which binds all common, conditionable people into becoming servants and slaves owned by those elitists who control the mass intellect through well established institutions of propaganda.

When Truth is reflected in language as the “Idea of Truth”, human reality is forever changed from the perception of the indisputable WHAT IS, into the arguable and manipulatable satanic (dualistic and opposing) nature of the “Idea of Truth”. The latter is the foundation of Civilized Societies throughout the world. The latter is the cause of Hell on Earth.

Thus men have been persuaded to worship Satan, the “petty god” of intellect and relinquish their God Given gift of direct perception of Truth, Divine Awareness. All this for the promise of Security, a shallow promise often offered but seldom delivered. Thus such limited programmable Intellects create their own world via its own limited projected conditioned thoughts mistaken for the whole of True reality.

This message I gift you poses a threat to the existing satanic pattern of human behavior established in a civilized society. This is typical of mass reception of Truth in a world of blind beleivers, unknowingly bound to Illusion.

The key to the shift from Hell on Earth to Heaven on Earth rests in the message of Christs everywhere, simple men and women of Truth who navigate this world on earth but are not of it.

Each of You who have sat through this message have been exposed to parts of your consciousness which heretofore remained beyond your comprehension. Pay close attention to your own responses to it, for that is your True Spiritual Teacher at work. Such a Teacher has never left you. It is God, Truth itself which has touched you. It is your own decisions which have created the lives that you now live. Do you learn by them, or have you been overwhelmed by them?

Not all of you will get the message. It is for those who are ready to make change, real change in their lives. Others will scorn the simple message of this video. Some may not yet be ready for such liberating Truth, but it must be presented to you for each of you to make that choice.

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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