Re: Christianity: The Satanic Deception which Engulfs Western Consciousness

Re: Christianity: The Satanic Deception which Engulfs Western Consciousness

kurt31416 wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

k: > The historical Jesus didnt’ believe in a satan-god, multiple gods are Pagan Blaspheme to a first century Jew, (or Samaritan.)

rk: Kurt, your comments are irrelevant. You know nothing of the historical man Jesus but that resulting from your own satanic conditioning programmed into you by contemporary mind controlling entities within your lifetime.

rk; These social and religious mindcontrolling programs are responsible for your present BELIEF system concerning the Man known as Jesus Christ. Yet you make an enormous leap of imaginary judgment when you deign to speak of a concept you accept and name as Jesus and its belief. Do you see how insane the parameters are that you set when you make such comments and how it forecloses upon any possibility of arriving at the Truth via any serious or intelligent dialogue?

rk: Speak only living Truth, that which emanates from the Spiritual vibration of “What Is”. Do not dabble at the Satanic level of the dead ideas of “what is”. Be quiet. Communicate only the “Spirit of the word”. Release yourself from speaking at the rote-learned, memorization which chains you to the Satanic “Letter of the word.”

rk: I understand I have just said something that neither you nor millions of other Christian satanically conditioned blind believers can grasp, but its shocking truth might pause the insanity of a blind believer’s world to perpetuate itself, even for just a moment of insight to creep into such satanic ruled social consciousness.

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