Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue Part II

Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue (Was: Re: A Letter to Imprisoned Patriots, Ed and Elaine Brown ) Part II

Richard Palmquist wrote

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

rp: > My dear revered brother:

rp: > If you are as you say, why do you avoid my points by alleging defects in me?

rk: Richard, I am surprised you are upset by my observations. Truth can only be observed. It cannot be arrived at via Intellectual    cogitation, for such useless activity only leads to the illusion of Truth, the reflection of Truth, the Graven image of Truth. (Def: Graven: To stamp or impress deeply as words, ideas.) Words have their place in life: To communicate with others (when in Rome, do as the Romans Do: When in Hell, do as the Hell-bound do) and exercize technical problem solving. But words can never touch holistic Truth, God, Infinite Divine Intelligence.I must use words to communicate with you or anyone else, but such method is flawed as you well know.

rk: One cannot argue dualistic concepts and arrive at nondualistic Truth. Your invitation to debate is therefore duly noted and rejected.

rk: However, the answer to your question is found in your own words, are they not? You say:

rp: > “I have many self-confessed defects. I would like to know how I can become the Sovereign you say you are.”

rk: Richard, you reveal a brilliant intellect, but also reveal an unaware spirit. You are not your mind. You are not your body. Your identification with your societally conditioned linear functioning, time-bound, dualistic-opposing ego/Intellect indicates you are blind to the nondualistic (Holistic) Truth. Like all others who do not understand themselves and therefore compensate for their spiritual blindness with a mechanical, time-bound instrument of Intellect you, and they remain at the level of self-imposed limitation.

rk: Your statement, “I would like to know how I can become the Sovereign you say you are” bespeaks the state of a “non-sovereign”, a slave, but one who occupies a higher office of slavery. . Fundamentally, that is how you see yourself and therefore that is what your are. No amount of intellectual goal setting will lead you to the Truth of yourself, for your own self-imposed beliefs create your own barriers.

rp: > Individual sovereignty is the issue. Please be positive in your reply to me.

rk: Richard, your effort to manipulate and to control my responses is duly noted. Is that not a function of Satanic power? Where is the openness? Where is the love? Where is the freedom to express oneself, required to dissolve the barriers to Divine Awareness? Do not take this as an attack, for I am quiet clear that you are not aware of your life long habitual assertions of power which make up your worldly ego.

rk: Either you see that I am speaking Truh to you or you don’t? Truth is neither positive nor negative. TRUTH IS WHAT IS.

rp: > Try to understand that I am limited in my understanding — in need of help.

rk: Would a sovereign say such a thing? You already understand the answer to that. Yours is the technique of exerting power with a velvet glove.

rp: > That means I can use help, not scolding.

rk: I am not scolding you, although that is your intellectual judgment of what you perceive I am doing. Do you see that the energy of this dialogue is different than any other communication you have with other intellectuals?

rk: Pay attention. Be Aware. Be quiet. Allow your own reactions to another’s words to be your teacher, to be your savior. If you are able to quiet the Intellect that you have nurtured for a lifetime, you will meet the True You — The Sovereign Son of God. A Christ.

rp: > You have made it clear to me that you need no help. That means I am the one who does. Now — tell me: how can I become a Sovereign: one immune to attack by a greater force.

rk: I just did!

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Raymond Karczewski