Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue Part III

Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual  Dialogue  Part III

Richard Palmquist wrote:

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

rp:  >  Raymond:

rp:  >  At the end of your email you say you have answered my question. If that is true, you will be able to explain to me in a brief statement exactly what that answer is.

rp:  >  The question is: “How can I become a Sovereign?” That is a simple question.

rp:  >  Now: Place here your simple answer: (All in one simple paragraph, please.) Don’t write about me. I know myself. I don’t need to know more about you. You have told me about yourself. I want to understand — “How can I become a Sovereign?” Tell me.

rk:  Simple questions require direct answers:  I Can’t do it in a simple sound byte sentence.  Perhaps several of them will do.

rk:  The simple and obvious answer to your question;”How can I become a Sovereign?” is  that YOU RICHARD, CANNOT PERSONALLY BE A SOVEREIGN!  You have already chosen to be a slave master.

rk:    You benefit by it. It has given you, your worldly perks.  You have contracted away,  sold your wholeness, your Divine Awareness,  your soul in service to your god of intellect.

rk:     You are the Media — The mind control arm of Corporations and Government, the worldly arm of Satan, the petty “god” of Intellect.

rk:  Government law makers and their Media mind controlling handlers makes problems in order to respond to them.  In the process they exploit, redistribute the wealth generated by the labor of the masses..

rk:   Government law makers and enforcers along with Media are responsible for every problem existing in the operation of human society.  Remove the Problem makers and you remove the problems, peacefully or violently.  Vote em out of office, or if Martial Law, war is declared upon the American People, I have just identified the enemy, have I not?

rk:   BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT BOYCOTT. and the machine of satan grinds to a halt. It is the only RESIST NOT EVIL solution open to the American People.   Remove from office every existing law maker, for without them the problems of the Law of Mammon would no longer exist.

rk:  You say you know yourself, yet you attempt to control my answers by directing me to not write about you.  You stand before a Christ, a simple man of Truth, a Mirror of Truth.  You don’t like what you see reflecting back to you. You exert energy to misdirect attention away from the truth behind the image you project to others.

rk:    You say you don’t need to know more about me, but I am the Sovereign you claim you want to be.  Typical Satanic Conundrum, is it not? —  Damned if you do and damned if you don’t eh?

rk:  A Sovereign does not live by the rules of Mammon.  Slaves and slave Masters do.  A Sovereign understands His/Her True Spiritual Estate.  He/she lives by the Laws of God, Divine Awareness. Sovereigns are masters of their mind, not slaves to it.

rk: Hope that helps!!.

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No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

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