Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue Part IV

Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual   Dialogue  (Was: Re: A Letter to Imprisoned Patriots, Ed and Elaine   Brown )  Part IV

Richard Palmquist wrote

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

rp>This time

rp> I will try to conform

rp> to your style. I have the desire to cooperate in any possible way.

rk:  I do not ask you to conform.  I do not ask you to cooperate.  I make no demands upon you. I merely communicate openly and freely exposing your habitual  intellectual misdirections away from the Moment of Truth unfolding as free flowing Dialogue of Two men.

rk:   You make incessant demands upon me. You attempt to control through subtle and not so subtle directives.  I merely mirror you in the process.   You tell me who is manipulating whom?  In my original response to you, I characterized your technique as: “Yours is the technique of exerting power with a velvet glove.”   In a short sound byte Richard, YOU’RE SLICK.

rk:     You are the Media — The mind control arm Of Corporations and Government, the worldly arm Of Satan, the petty “god” of Intellect.

rp> You are WRONG here. I am anti-media.

rk:  Definition of Media:   Plural of Medium:   Definition of Medium:  A means of mass communications such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio:  An agency by which something is accomplished conveyed, or transferred.

rk:    Do you not have a corporate license to Broadcast?

rk:    Are you not the owner of an institution called “Truth Radio,.” licensed and formatted to influence the consciousness of the masses via repetitive broadcasts?

rk:    Do you not use psychological programming in your business?

rk:    Do you not do so under the guise of entertainment?

rk:    Do you not focus your business and personal agenda upon the masses and are actively supported through advertising via Corporate and Individual contributions?

Aquaponics 4 You

rk:  Do you not play political counterpoint in imaginary opposition to mainstream media. Is not such relationship of opposing opposites, i.e, mainstream/alternative media  Satanic in nature?

rk:  Do not you use same conditioning techniques as Mainstream Media?

rk:  Sorry Richard, your pleas of “not me, not me” are falling on deaf ears for those who have eyes to see.

rp:  >   If you feel you have the authority to speak to who I am, you should first read through the material on or and you would see I am OPPOSED to the major media. When you awaken to that fact you may contact me again.

rk:  Is not such blatant admission of Opposition symptomatic of Satanic thought control?

rk:  Is not your manipulative insinuation denying me permission to contact you until I awaken, a heavy handed power play wrapped in schmooze?

rp:    I wish you well and trust you will be blessed by our Lord.

rk:  Oh Richard, I am quite clear on who your “lord” is.  I have observed your words and I have observed your actions.   I need none of Satan’s blessings, for you see, Satan has no JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Son of God, this Christ.  I have already proved that through the corrupt, Pharisitical courts of our land.

rk:  For a professional broadcaster and mind controller, you fold up quite easily, when speaking to a simple man of Truth, do you not?  For the last 12 years on the Internet I’ve had professional Government/Media disinformation agents/mind controllers stalk my every writing with libelous attacks, smears, forgeries in my name, in their attempt to discredit and smear this messenger of Truth. They have all failed to accomplish their Satanic goals, just as you have in this short thread.

rk:  I suggest you reread the entire thread of communications between us.  You will see from whence the deterioration has arisen.  Satanic Thought can never Best Truth, regardless how accomplished it is.

rk:   Hell, isn’t it?

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“No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

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