Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue Part VI

Re: Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual   Dialogue  Part VI

Richard Palmquist wrote

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

rp:  >  Ray:

rp:  :   >Again I wish you well. You call yourself a “Christ.” You have developed a system you call “Truth.”

rk:  Richard, I am glad that you responded.  Our interaction has perhaps done more than any other contact I’ve had over the years to expose the spiritual unawareness of civilized men and women on earth due to their life-long subjection to unquestioned Satanic conditioning..

rk:   Your following illustration of the Bible is such an example. Civilized Men and women are trained from infancy to worship a book, at least here in Western Civilization.  It is a book of dead words written by dead men for the purpose of exercizing remote control and power  over the Living Dead. (Computer like Intellect-driven Automatons)

rk:    Men and women who have been seduced from their Divine Awareness (Christ Consciousness) and ruled primarily by Intellect, sacrifice their God-given holistic resonance with nondualistic Truth and consent to their own spiritual blindness and limitations in favor of partial (unwholistic – unholy)  dependence upon a  mechanical Intellectual as a guidance tool through life.  They do not see, so they think.  The interaction which occurred between you and I in this thread was a mirroring of deep truth be unfolding between a man of sight and a man of intellect. .

rk:  Richard, you are not new to me.  I have listened to your radio show in the past.  You are a good man, have good intentions, but you  operate primarily from a dualistic Intellect while I from direct perception of nondualistic Truth. That is not a brag,just a simple fact.

rk:   The Bible is a book written by men for other men, none of whom experienced directly the Truth they wrote about,  but reported their skewed dualistic observations of a simple man of Truth, Jesus of Nazareth.

rk:  You, and millions of other trust a book, yet you distrust the words of a living man.  Without prior conditioning into belief of the Bible and/or other so-called holy books which make up the tenuous foundations of the religions of Mammon, Intellectual Icons, was not your choice made upon your need for security, because deep down, traced to the core of your being, you are not whole, complete, the I AM THAT I AM, the TRUTH?.

rk:   I’ll not go any further.  I have written extensively on these deeper matters of Christ and Worldly consciousness for the last 12 years on the Internet. They may be found on my website (but be prepared and be serious in your investigations for you’ll find no frivolity, no pandering to Satanic ignorance there)   Success or failure upon understanding these extraordinary claims which fly in the face of one normal conditioning depends on the openness of consciousness of the individual.  The key to transcending Satanic Intellect IS SURRENDER i.e.,  “LET GO, LET GOD.”  It is simple, yet impossible to an intellect limited only to the Possible.

rp:  >  The trustworthy source of Truth is the Bible. You would do well to take seriously this reference:
Mathew 24:23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.:24 For there shall arise false Christs,

rk:  Such is the mind control hook which binds blind believers, enslaves them to parochial thought, condemning any one or any thing beyond their limited Satanic conditioned grasp.  With comments like the one quoted by you, what cult need physical chains to enslave their subjects, when such psychological chains are accessible?  The Satanic Leaders who Killed Jesus thru such Satanic ploy then established the myth of Christianity. which rules over a BASSACKWARD western society.

rk:  I do not ask for anyone’s belief.  I LET GO, LET GOD guide my every word and deed.  I have not learned this from books. It cannot be learned from books.  It is learned through the Teacher, YOUR TRUE SELF which emerges in the quietness of Infinite Intelligence.

rk:  It is that dichotomy which arose in the relationship between a man of Intellect and a man of Divine Awareness.

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“No other man but I in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
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