Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue

Richard Palmquist and Raymond Karczewski: A spiritual Dialogue (Was: Re: A Letter to Imprisoned Patriots, Ed and Elaine Brown )

Richard Palmquist wrote

Raymond Karczewski ( wrote:

rp:  >  Ray:

rp:  >  I salute your fervor. The Browns are a tragic demonstration of the fact that strong conviction is not enough to get the job done. It is “dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”  The Browns are right about the “no law” issue and we all know the IRS is wrong, but that did not spare them this tragedy.

rk:  ‘Richard, I welcome your input.  Your’s is a highly tuned intellect which has served you well throughout your life.  Your take on the societal issue of the Browns is based in your intellectual logical assessment, is it not?

rk:  Your intellect  has given you power in this life.  It has given you position, and a measure of wealth.  You have been rewarded for your intellectual accuity. In other words you are relatively  comfortable with your relationship with the status quo.  Truth is always a double edged sword.  It cuts both ways.

rk:  Such foundation of scientific  intellection necessarily is never any more than an individual’s  partial grasp of the whole, of Truth.  Even so, empires have been built since the Dawn of Civilization  on such shaky grounds and human life continues to be looked upon as being a cheap and expendable commodity, Such common men/women, the unwashed, the slaves  have been called “goyem”, cattle, sheeple,  by those whose personal worldly power and wealth is owed to the creation of such fictional intellectual divisions.

rk:   Truth, oneness, love, life are all nondualistic manifestations which are attempted to be known by a conditionable, partially perceiving, dualistic, opposition based  Intellect. It is accomplished through the creation of words, concepts, symbols, myth and legend.  All are but limiting reflections of Truth.

rk:   Words are never that pristine essence which they deign to represent, yet civilized men unflaggingly and doggedly continue to  worship the god of Intellect, Satan, the lord of opposition, division, discord.  Man, through his thought-based institutions of Government and Religion,  has constructed violent societies since the beginning of time through such worship of the intellect.

rk:  You Richard, are a Christ, but you like millions of others suffer from Amnesia of your true estate.  I am a simple man of Truth.  I live Truth, see Truth, speak truth.  I am a Christ without Amnesia.  You can see the effect such simple truth has had on my fellow man who have lost their spiritual way.  They will fight to the death for their familiar thoughts, concepts and limiting beliefs.  They cannot “Let Go, Let God”  guide them through spiritual sight in navigating a hellish maze of dualistic confusion.  They are the blind who are led by the blind.  They are Civilized Men who proudly wear the badge of BASSACKWARDS.

rk:    Grasp of Truth lies beyond the separative conditioned walls of the intellect.  It requires of one,  Spiritual Sight, an holistic, nondualistic,  direct perception, resonant with the unique, unreplicatable essence of Truth perceived

rp:  >  But not even George Washington dared call himself “Sovereign.” He won the war and refused Kingship, choosing instead to crown “We the People” with Sovereignty. He did not crown, “Me the person.” He crowned “We the people.” Plural. Never singular.  No individual without an army at his disposal controlling guarded borders can claim Sovereignty.

rk:  Richard, this is not an insult, nor is it an attack upon you or any other personally, but all who live and filter Life through their programmable, divisive, opposing intellect are Hell-Bound, fallen men and women –BAR NONE.

rk:     This human society can mercifully described to the unaware as BASSACKWARDS.  This state of confusion is born out in an life of pain, of suffering, of violence and division.  It is called NORMAL behavior.

rp:  >  The pecking order should be understood this way:
1. God, ruling over all: the Ultimate Sovereign.
2. We the People sovereign over government, with power exercised through orderly group-control voting in honest elections, serving on Grand Juries and on Petit Juries, along with running for office if we feel we can be effective.
3. Government servants subject to Romans 13, honoring the people they serve.
4. We as individuals respecting and conforming ourselves to the rules set down by those servants, aware of problems and wrongs and working through legislative and judicial action to correct errors in the system.

rk:  Richard, it is a good concept, but it is no substitute for nondualistic understanding of who you truly are. Truth will never be found in “Coulda, woulda, shoulda” intellectual speculations.

rk:    It is important that one understand himself, for that is the path to freedom, to liberation from the vagaries of the satanic ruled intellect.  It dissolves the wall of opposition which splits one in his own mind and divides him from his brothers and sisters in his relationships.

rk:  A man/woman of Truth is a Christ.  He/she is the essence of I AM THAT I AM, the observer and the observed.  He/she is At-one with Truth. Conflict cannot get a toe hold in such consciousness.  Such an individual walks through life as if in the “eye of a hurricane.”  The Satanic violence swirls violently all around him/her, but cannot enter, the calmness, the quietness of the Eye of the storm.  That is True Peace Richard.  Anything less than that is partial, divisive, and Satanic.

rp:  >  Only a correct understanding of this order-of-power can make us effective as we seek to change government to conform to God’s view of righteousness.

rk:  Richard, with all due respect, such a conceptual approach to freedom and sovereignty can be likened to “Almost, but no Cigar.”

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