The Process of Spiritual Awakening.

The Process of Spiritual Awakening.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

Arthur and Fiona Cristian,

As I have repeatedly said in my posts to you, I have no problem with what you are doing. In fact, I applaud your actions, for it is far superior to living in our present satanic ruled system.

I perceive that you, and damn near everyone else do not understand me in my exposure of the Satanic control over the civilized Intellect.
My position is simplicity itself. One either transcends the hellish realm of the Intellect, or Lives in hell, immersed in their particular outer controlled mindsets.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone but few are enslaved to the prison cell of Intellect through the medium of Satanic Mind Control. None are exempt. They are unaware of it because it is perceived to be normal behavior when living in a hell bent human society.

These minions of Hell take great pride in flaunting through positive imagery, their illusory religious and political advancement and continue the conflict in their lives when relating to the less fortunate, those they see as living, striving and struggling in the depths of Hell. The haves, the “seemingly fortunate view the lives of the Have Nots, the less fortunate from their own “air-conditioned offices” in hell. They too are blind to the fact that they are all bound to the same hell of their own making.

Why do my words upset so many? Simply stated they exhibit a different frequency, a differnt resonance, one that is not normal, one that cannot be attacked successfully by the usual limited, and ineffective hellish attacks.

Illusion has jurisdiction only over its own partial, dissonant frequency, that which is divided and opposing, that which is born of Satanic Conditioning. It has no power over Truth, for Truth is holistic even though it contains and allows for the partial. The partial can never contain the whole. As such, the creation cannot be greater than its creator.

It is the experiences of Life that allows for man’s return to God, The Divine Creator, Infinite Intelligence, holistic Truth. You see it everyday in your relationships from the lowest to the highest (the essence of all time-bound duality based Intellects) yet such Truth eludes them for Satanic fantasy rules their intellect and Truth stands there hidden in plain sight, oblivious to the spell bound intellect.

As long as the Intellect takes precedence in directing the minds of civilized man the average man/woman remains spiritually ignorant. They make up the legion of the Satanic ruled blind and dead. Dead, because they live in the inert aftermoment of Satanically imposed indoctrinating thought.

Truth is shocking to the satanically dulled. That is the energy of awakening at work. That is why Christs, simple men and women of Truth (not to be confused with the satanically created, mythical, illusory graven images of a Christ)those who operate at a different frequency are necessarily attacked but can NEVER be destroyed.

Truth is immune from intellectual attacks and demonstrates that fact through the process of Spiritual Mirroring. When that which is less than whole attacks the whole, the partial, impotent attacks are reflected back to the sender. That has a devastating effect upon the attacker, and they withdraw, at least temporarily from their present attack, only to come back in a future different form.

What remains constant is the untouched Truth, for Truth is Eternal, and no time-bound limited illusion has power over the unlimited.

Arthur, may you and Fiona understand our relationship a little better through this communication. I continue to read your offerings, and hope that you read mine likewise, for indeed, we compliment each other though our energies are vastly misunderstood.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ