The Solution To Taking Back Our Government.

The Solution To Taking Back Our Government.

As most members of “Oregon Shout” know, I am a retired Police Sergeant from a California Police Dept and former owner of a Private Investigation/Private Security Patrol company which goes back to the 60’s and 70’s. .

The change in Law Enforcement’s policies were beginning to take place back then and slowly morphed into the heavy-handed enforcement policies we are now seeing today.

Cops are like everyone else. They “go along to get along” and follow department policy rather than their conscience for fear of losing their jobs and pensions.

There are a lot of good cops out there that get no press. The media instead focuses on activities and stories which serve the agenda of power and that is to publicize only shocking stories which implant and reinforce fear and violence in the minds of the public. Such policies feed the egos of the bad cops who don’t deserve to wear the badge while the good cops hunker down to hold onto their jobs.

I have known few what might be called really courageous officers who will stand up to the policy makers of his department. Thus the trend has been toward deterioration of public relations and service to the public.

The safety of the cop on the street is about to change, for the public has been pushed to the edge. More and more cops are being shot. This is no accident. Such resistance has been factored into the formula for the destruction of our Constitution and morphing into the population control agenda slated by the New Word Order.

I condemn the pre-emptive shooting of Cops, because as yet, the policy makers have not yet declared war on the American Public through Martial Law. But I see that coming very soon on the American Scene. When that occurs War is Declared on the American People and when it comes to “civilized behavior” all bet are off.

Do we wait until the government has all of its “ducks in a row” and create a False Flag event to precipitate war on Americans? No, Absolutely Not. The American response should not be Resistance in the form of violent reaction, but being the True Sovereigns they are, the creator of government, the boss to their public servants, instead apply the NONVIOLENT but most effective approach of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Remove and Withdraw all support, psychological, economic, and cooperation.

The government cannot operate without the consent or the money of the public. Should government overstep themselves and threaten the lives of “We the People”, it is then time to use the gun. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. There are more of Us than there are of Them, and We are the sovereign People, the Creator of Government, not its subjects. We all have the Unalienable Right to Life which goes directly to the use of ‘Self-Defense” of one facing deadly force or acting in the defense of another. When the good Cops see that their present policies are permission for People to defend themselves in a War, they will take a second look at their jobs when they leave their families to go to work.

Unalienable Rights are just that. Unalienable. They cannot be overcome by government policies, those inner rules which bring about Corporate Conduct. Remove your consent to belonging to the present corporate government and you are NO LONGER subject to corporate law. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION OVER YOU regarding victimless crimes and illusory “Color of the Law” statutes.

I have put this to the test more than 11 years ago. The Oregon Courts convicted the STRAWMAN JURISTIC PERSON in two trials, but threw this living man out of their jails with no charges hanging over my head when I challenged the court to prove its fictional jurisdiction over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-blood, sentient Natural man of the Sovereign People and they would not, could not, have not till this very day. At that point, I merely openly stated that I refused to accept their terms of Sentencing as an unlawful offer to an invalid contract. I had harmed no one in my actions and thus, no crime was committed. All those, who by their own consent belong to the Corporate Government agree to all the rules, policies, and laws, of the corporation, and it is this breach of contract which sends thousand of unwary (Slaves by their own Consent) Americans to jail. They unknowingly consent to their own prosecution and imprisonment, all to the destruction of American Society.

I have been writing about this solution on the Internet for 11 years now, and Oregonians REFUSE to change their status.

Each of you can be free in the NEXT MOMENT. You have only your own ignorance and apathy that accounts for your present slavery, which is soon to be amplified into an American Holocaust.

The question arises, will you regain your natural intelligence and shift your consciousness to that of a Sovereign, or will you sign your own Death Warrant as a slave of the corporation, now regarded as slaves, property of the state, whose life is held in the hands of corporate policy makers.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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