The Systematic Enslavement of Civilized Man.

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The Systematic Enslavement of Civilized Man.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

When are the Civilized sheeple of the world going to learn they’ve been had by their satanically ruled public officials.

Through Satanic Mind Control, these posing elitists have discovered the scam of scams, insuring their power and influence over the collective minds of publicly indoctrinated sheeple.

In Truth, there is only WHAT IS. It exists in the Eternal moment of Now. It has no beginning nor end. It is timeless.

In the time-bound satanic ruled intellect, exists the “aftermoment based, reactionary illusion” of an altered, programmable, memory based idea of WHAT IS replete with all of it’s impotent additives and activities.

It is when the aftermoment based, Intellectual interpretation takes place that altering the timeless, Eternal WHAT IS takes place and Hell comes into being the reality of Civilized Man.

God’s Law is simple. DO NO HARM. What can be done with that? It speaks for itself. How can one exploit that?

Man’s law, however is complicated and confusing as it is satanically (dualistic/opposed)imposed upon unsophisticated minds which have been trained and are expected to think about action before such action can be taken. Does anyone see the satanic schism arising, as it is being created through memory based judgement?

God’s Law requires Intelligence, a resonance at-onement with Truth. Man’s law however requires shrewdness. It doesn’t take much for anyone to notice the difference in the vast schism between the two, yet shrewdness, cunningness and deception have long taken over the civilized Intellect damning all who practice it to hell.

Crime is an excellent example of the degraded intelligence of the civilized man.

Take Murder for example. In a moment, a life is snuffed out. Gone, Untraceable. The fact is that a terminal of consciousness has been snuffed out of existence and cannot be taken back, returned, restored to its previous state. Keep in mind, in murder, it is the terminal of consciousness that ceases to be, not consciousness itself.

In such cases what happens when satanic man’s law takes place? Institutions of control and power are erected and provide jobs for police, investigators, prosecutors, judges, experts of all kind, etc.

AS such all Institutionally created jobs are Commercial in Nature. They allow opportunities for men to come in after the fact and theorize what took place. arrest people, indict, try and execute (kill) people. For What? To satisfy an illusory, programmable mass intellect’s craving for justice, balance, and a host of illusory solutions which have no actual bearing with, relationship with the eternal moment-based action of murderous no return.

I understand I am upsetting the civilized applecart with these observations, but lets face it, you folks are just too damned ignorant to expect to have or justify the life you dream of. Now then, the question remains, who amongst you can rebut this absolute Truth with other than self-enhancing, egoistic satanic illusory arguments?

The fact is that in man’s law, Satanic power is just a matter of supplying jobs for the creation of an institutional power base, be it the police, army, courts or any other coercive agency who serve the elitists and whose stock in trade is Illusion and coercion..

Thus, in that moment of depleted, satanic-tainted intelligence are created the schisms of the previously nonexistent Elites, and the Peasants, the haves and the have-nots. The managers and the wealth suppliers, the government and the people.

Man’s Law has not prevented Crime. Man’s law has not prevented murders, for murders are real, while man’s law continues to be an illusion, and an impotent one at that.

I am a Christ, a Simple man of Truth. I know for you, that such a statement is hard to swallow, and it creates fear and resentment in you, because you inevitabley fall short of possessing such consciousness. I follow God’s Law, DO NO HARM. What need do I have for man’s law? The answer to that is self-evident, is it not?

Am I crazy? I have a life that damned near all of you only dream about. Balance is my foundation of consciousness. Truth is my essence. Peace and stability reflect animosity and violence in my interaction with civil minded, programmable, obedience trained sheeple. In other words YOU!!

I say this, not to hurt your feeling but to awaken you. To break the satanic spell that binds you to your tyrannical leaders. For without that hypnotic spell that binds you to your own consentual slavery, you too, would be free men and women, Sovereigns.

If you really want the change the system, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT THE HELL OUT OF IT, and watch what happens. The system based in man’s law is only geared for your Resistance. Act in Intelligence, Resist not Evil, JUST BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, PULL THE PLUG AND FLUSH IT DOWN THE DRAIN.

This has been a message from a True Christ, not the Mythical One drummed into you by pulpit pounding costumed impostors. .

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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