KARCZEWSKI© are targets used in Government mind control

See: Oprah Winfrey is Dead and Cloned (proof) 

With the current article claiming that Oprah Winfrey which has reached the Internet declaring that Oprah is Dead and all present Oprahs are but CLONES. This, you will find is all just a government MIND CONTROL operation.

Yes it is a test of how far government can go in controlling the mindsets of it’s government mind controlled slaves.It is all done on the premise attributed to the Hitler Regime mind controllers Those who claimed that if a lie, the bigger the better is told, and if repeated enough times, will cause most of you to DOUBT YOURSELVES and such belief becomes regarded as the Truth. That is and always has been the key to the enslavement of Civilized Mankind on earth by Satanic mind controllers.

How do I, this simple man of Truth, this living Christ (for that is all that a Christ is without the believing in the Myth) KNOW this? Because the US Government Intelligence Community mind controllers are using the very same tactic in controlling your minds when they presently declare that I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© died long ago and now Russian  disinformation agents are impersonating me on the Internet. Insane you say.  Look it up yourselves.

You can see the proof of what I am saying  on my two websites http://www.arkenterprises.com and http://www.leesarayenterprises.com along with newgroups alt.consciousness.4th-way and alt.fan.art-bell and a 20 year history of  disinformation character assassination and defamation of this living man on the Internet.

This is how easily your minds can be, and are being Controlled to  enslave you to the hell of your making by you voluntary filtering life as it unfolds through your own diminished consciousness bound to your conditionable dualistic, divisive, opposing Intellect. All, but few are living life via their conditionable intellects. No where else can Hell be found but in the Intellect.

The current myth of Christ IS JUST THAT – A mind control operation which has enslaved intellects and controlled the lives of BILLIONS in the last 2000 years. What is the Threat that I, this living man pose to the civilized world of mankind that these same satanic mind control  tactics should be launched against him lies in the Fact that I have indeed, and unequivocally exposed that the Intellect is the realm of Hell for all who filter the living Truth of Life in the eternal moment of NOW via the Intellect are fragmented, confused, violent human beings.

These are the sheeple, the indiscriminating, the believers, all who have been spiritually paralyzed by relying only on upon their outer directed/controlled Intellect for their source of Truth. They have sold their souls, reliquished their true state of spiritual intelligence, in lieu of living the illusions which have been  programmed into them by Satanic Mind Controllers.Hell, isn’t IT?