To Live Civilized is to Live a Lie

To Live Civilized is to Live a Lie

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

To most of you who read my writings, I pose a Threat to your present state of Consciousness.

Many of you take offense at my assertions that I am a Christ.

You see, all men who are civilized are living a lie, an illusion, a restrictive life based in outer directed rules, regulations, laws, and social constructs we call society. Such societies are ruled by the Institutions of Government and Religion. Both are Satanic, and have robbed you of your true Estate as Christs yourself.

My use of the word Christ, does not fit the mythical norm which rules over the minds of millions. When I use the word Christ, I refer to a simple man of Truth, not some mystical, magickal superman icon cloaked in superstition and illogical fantasies that men and women like you are coaxed to emulate. That simple Satanic trick removes you from your spiritual balance, and casts you into Striving to live a lie, an Impossibility.

That myth which has been systematically imposed upon you for a lifetime is Satanic in origin and is designed to keep you living a lie. To split you in your consciousness, thereby creating a schism at your very core of being, making you a divided, conflicted, partially discerning human being, conditioned to doubt yourselves and seek out and find experts who promise to make your decisions for you, while they exploit you. You have been trained to act as Sheeple, in search of a Shepherd, a father figure, an authority.

I have written reams and reams on the subject over the last 18 years on the Internet. YOu may find the simple truth for yourselves on my Website and along with its many links and articles.

If one googles my name they will find much controversy swerling around this simple man of Truth. Why? To put it bluntly, I RAISE HELL in a world of deception with my simple Truth.

Being a Christ is the simplest of activities, but is seen as a complexity that the Satanic Ruled Intellect finds impossible to fathom.

I am going to give you the key to shattering the illusions, breaking the satanic chains that bind you to your life of irreconcilable Hell.

Stop worshipping graven images, dead concepts that substitute for Truth in your satanically conditioned consciousness. Step away from your fragmented Intellect and directly observe the world around you, the people around you and DO NO PARTICIPATE, SUPPORT OR PANDER TO GROUP FANTASIES.

To return to your rightful place as a Christ, from this moment forward until the moment of your death, DO NOT TELL ANOTHER LIE regardless of it seemingly seriousness or innocence.

Jesus of Nazareth conveyed this very secret to Christhood to all when He said “I AM THE TRUTH, LIFE, AND THE WAY.” Few understood Him then, Few understand it today.

Read my interactions with others on the Internet on my facebook page, website and Google archives. There you will see the Spiritual Protection granted one who lives Truth in a world of Deception.

In this simple act of NEVER TELLING ANOTHER LIE as long as you live, One disarms the power of SATAN. One has no need for a Savior. One has no need for Government, One has no need for Religion for the satanic conflict of duality ceases to be the dominant factor when the Intellect must be used.

You have just been blessed with a Truth which has been witheld from you, your whole life.


“No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬© — A Living Christ

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